Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer is coming to an End :(

i will be the first to admit that in the summertime i am lazy and enjoy laying out by the pool and sleeping in late. this summer feels like it flew by way too fast. this Wednesday i am flying back to the FORT for good. seems so weird.. like time went by wayy too fast.. but i guess since i had so much to do in SA TOWN with wedding planning.. it kept my time occupied. i look forward to going back and seeing all my friends and reagan.. but i do not look forward to school starting again, the long hours of studying, and the tests!!
I am going back to the FORT so early because i have rush workshop to attend and get ready for the upcoming rush experience for the incoming girls! it should be fun... but it's going to be alot of work and long hours. in the end it will be worth it... and it gives me bonding time with my alpha chi family! :)


so i went to dallas this weekend for reagan's graduation! it was so awesome.. but a little weird at the same time.. i can't believe he is an alum of DBU! wow how time flies!
it was nice to see his mom and his little sisters and for all the families to be together celebrating in dallas! looking back on this past weekend.. reagan and i wish we would have gotten just a little more time to spend together since we really had not seen each other all summer.. but it will be ok. once school starts up again we will finally get to go on a date.. its been too long!

my floral appointment for the wedding is tomorrow at 2pm! so excited :D my job today was to look through magazines and tear out floral designs i liked. it took forever because my mom had so many magazines for me to look through.. but was still fun because i had to laugh at some of the hideous floral arrangements i came across. i really wish hannah could be here tomorrow when i go and pick out the flowers. i hate that she is so far away.. i feel like she is missing out on wedding planning stuff that i would really like her to be at :( i really cannot wait to see my hannah.. we have planned weekends that we are going to see each other so i can't wait for that to happen! oh hanster how i miss you :(

all in all today has been a good day. i got my final workout in with my dad today... he leaves to go out of town for work tomorrow.. which means i won't get to see him before i fly back to dallas.. but he is coming to see me soon.. so no worries! i will miss him tons... because i have really loved spending time with him this summer.. but it will be okay. he has promised me that he will come and see me soon with my mom :)

oh other wedding news... reagan and i have contacted the wedding planner so that she could contact the photographer to see if we could take our engagement pictures on the 29th of august! we are really excited about that.. and i have found some really cool/ fun outfits to wear for the pictures! i am just excited to hear when the photographer can take our pictures and where we will be taking them in the dallas/fort worth area!! we really have to get them done soon because the next thing on our to do list is to get the save the date magnets sent out and then get our wedding registry done... reagan is excited about this because he finally gets to use the "gun" and pick things out! :) it should be really fun... whenever we do that!

oh also... reagan and i are looking for a couples devotional to do together this next semester. does anyone have any ideas for a good devotional? the ones we have found are so korny! haha. we really want a good one that we can do together and enjoy... so any ideas are welcome!

well off to dinner with my mom and then renting a movie and making blankets with my mom's best friend :)

"celebrate life... each day is too precious not to be grateful for the life we have."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rain, Rain... please come this Sunday!!

we really need rain in SA TOWN.. for the past three days it has been really dark and gloomy.... but it won't stinkin rain. so i have come to the conclusion that i need to do a rain dance... we need rain so bad i am desperate to do anything!!

so i'm really starting to slack on this blog thing. life is just getting wayy too busy! and when school starts.. oh boy the blogs may be very minimal! LOL :)

this past week i got alot done i feel like! and i even got my workouts in.. so that's a plus!
i got to go cake testing on Friday... oh so yummy! let's just say the cake at the wedding is going to be so gorgeous i'm not going to want to eat it! and the flavors... oh so yum.. its going to be a pleasant surprise to eat the deliciousness of that cake! oh and reagan's cake will definitely satisfy all the needs of the chocolate lovers... chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, with chocolate filling, with chocolate covered strawberries. he is definitely a chocolate man.. so his wishes have definitely been granted for his cake :D
i also finally went to the dermatologist. reagan had been bugging me to go for a check-up for forever... so i finally went. everything went great... all my little moles were perfect and i have to go for check-ups every year since my mom had melanoma. i think i can live with once a year if it will keep me alive!
i also have a florist appointment to pick out my flowers on the 11th! i am so excited! its going to be fun picking those out because i feel like the vision for the design will start coming together! :)

i also had a lot of fun last night... eric's bday party was a blast. it was just so nice to hangout with friends and chill! and i discovered that i am pretty good at washers and that melissa and i made a great team... YAY.. girls for the win! when i go back to fort worth i am really going to have withdraws from shavaun and eric. i have gotten to spend alot of time with them this summer.. and its going to suck not getting to see them on a regular basis! tears will be shed when i leave SA TOWN... but they promised me that they would come and see me.. so they better stick to their word.. OR ELSE!

oh my gosh... also... reagan is graduating from DBU on august 7th!!! he passed his final business class and exam.. so he is graduating! i am so proud of him. he has worked so hard and has done a great job finishing school so quickly... he has alot of determination. once he graduates off to seminary he goes in fort worth... so we might actually be able to have lunch dates if our class schedules work out!
we are leaving on Thursday to head up to dallas for his graduation and staying till Sunday. my whole family is going, and his moms family and his dads family.. so alot of people are going to be there! its going to be so nice to see everyone and celebrate reagan and his accomplishments!

oh fort worth and HANNAH how i miss you. i'm excited to be going back to fort worth... i will officially be back on the 12th! so that i can reunite with all my roomies and my best friends! its been too long since i have seen them! it will also be nice to be close to reagan again. spending all summer away from him has been a good time for us to grow individually.. but its been hard.. i don't like not getting to see him on a regular basis.
and HANNAH... good gracious how i miss you! i don't think i have ever gone this long without seeing you! i really really need to see you... like ALOT ALOT. we really need to have our girls day.. and i need to see precious AVA! i look forward to our Sunday talk today... i know you have alot to fill me in on! i love and miss you tons.. and we are going to see each other soon... i promise. and reagan and i really want a double date with you and sir william... so ya we need to make that happen! love y'all! :)

well sorry this was so incredibly random. life is changing, things are happening, and i'm super excited to see what God has in store for this next year!
have a wonderful Sunday and relax... take time with your family and friends and just be grateful for what you have!

"a friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."