Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Patiently Waiting

I am still anxiously and patiently waiting to hear if I got the job with Gladney.  The deadline was pushed to this Friday, but then I got an email tonight saying that they still had a couple more canidates to interview and the email really did not give me any specifics as to when I would hear back if I got the job of not.  This is so hard for me to do.... I am terrible at the waiting game!  In my mind, since I have been waiting I keep questioning if I said the right things, or if they really saw my passion.... I have had to STOP myself because these doubting and worrying thoughts are from SATAN not God.  When I walked out of that interview, like I said before, I had a calm confidence about me that I did my best and that God really spoke through me and my life, so I need to cling to the fact that at the end of the day I did my absolute best.

Even though I know I did the best I could it is so hard waiting for them to get back to me with an answer--- GOSH, I WANT THE JOB SO BAD!!  I have decided to continue sending my resume to other places I am interested in and see what happens.  All those who have been praying for me continue to tell me that it is all in God's timing (which I know) and that God may be using this circumstance to teach me a little more patience.  If so, I am definitely learning more and more about how to truthfully be patient, but seriously... I want this Oh so Bad!!  More than anything from this experience I am learning that it is hard to be patient for something you want more than anything (seriously this would be such a dream come true if my first job was working for Gladney Adoption Agency)!!  But I am learning that I need to continue patiently waiting and casting my cares upon the Lord for He is the one who knows my every thought.

So in the next couple of days and weeks, please pray that God's will for my life is revealed and that He places me where I need to be and opens doors for me!

I wanted to share some thoughts that a sweet, Godly friend of mine sent me.  She is filled with so much wisdom... Love this lady bunches, and I am definitely seeing all the reasons why God knew I needed her in my life!

Here is the sweet encouragement from my amazing friend:
"I know that all you want is Gods will in your life. That is where you will find perfect peace. So, in His will there is no place for worry, only wisdom and discernment as you wait each day and take each step forward. I know how badly you want this job, you'll get it if that is what God wants for your life. In that you can rest. Even through next week if you have to! You are amazing in your work with children and have so much to offer your future career. Gladney would be absolutely crazy to let you go!! I pray that you remain in Gods will so you can open up His treasure box of blessings each day!"

I needed to hear these words last night.  I needed to be reminded that God is on my side and that what ever is best for my life that is where He will send me, because He only wants what is best for me.  My God is such an incredible loving God and He knows where I need to be so that I can live out the passions He has placed in my life... I find rest knowing that He has my life in His hands.

"I'm leaving you with a gift: peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives. So, don't be troubled or afraid." -- John 14:27

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roadtrip to Austin

So this past Friday, me and my best friend Hannah headed on our road trip to Austin.  Though, first things first, we had to meet in Fort Worth to get our McKinley's fix (this was a tradition we had when we lived together at TCU every Friday)!  To say the least having McKinley's together is so good for the soul!!  Going to Austin was not for a happy reason (we both knew tears would be shed, in light of celebrating such a beautiful life)... we went for our sweet friend Jillian and her family who their sister and daughter died (I spoke about this beautiful family in an earlier post).  Heading down to Austin for the memorial, it was so nice to catch up with Hannah and just really get to talk (the two of us and no other distractions).  I miss this sweet girl so much, so I cherished the time we had together!

Once we got to Austin on Friday afternoon, we met my mom and her best friend, Kim for dinner at Guerros taco shop.  I would have enjoyed dinner a lot more that night if allergies had not taken over me and made me feel like total crap!  Though, I will say NyQuil pm and Vick's vapor rub became my best friends that night just so I could breathe! 

Saturday was the day of the memorial... so we got up, had yummy Chick-fil-a for a late breakfast/early lunch and then we got ready for the memorial.  Let's just say in light of being in Austin for a not so happy situation, Kim and Hannah are two peas in a pod and had us laughing the whole weekend.  The memorial for Sara was absolutely beautiful.  There were so many friends and family members there to support the Marshall family and it overwhelmed my heart.  It was so beautiful for me to hear all the incredible things that everyone had to say about Sara.  I was moved to tears to hear Jillian, Mrs. Marshall, and Mr. Marshall talk about their most favorite memories with Sara and the things they loved the most about her.  They had such strong faith on Saturday, and I knew that so many people were lifting them up in prayer and that they received the comfort from God that they needed to be able to make it through the day.  Their strength and courage as a family is unwavering, but most of all their faith in God to walk them through the next weeks and months is unshakable. 

Saturday at Sara's memorial was such a beautiful reflection of life for me.  It reminded me how each day is not our own, and that we must live each day to it's fullest honoring God in all things. As I was leaving the memorial, I hugged sweet Jillian... (all I could do is cry at this point and tell her how much I loved and cherished her as a friend) and Mrs. Marshall... though something Mrs. Marshall said to me that day will always stay with me.  She gave me such a big hug and told me eyes filled with tears, "As I was speaking and starting to get choked up I looked up and saw you sitting there in the balcony.  Just seeing you gave me the strength to finish."  She then thanked me for allowing God to speak through me in all the years I have known her daughter, Jillian and for the comforting words of prayer and scripture I had provided their family with through this difficult time in their life.  I looked at her and all I could do was cry.  I was completely unaware of the impact my words had made, or that just by my presence and support that brought her strength in her time of need.  In that moment, God really revealed to me that all things are worked for the Glory of His kingdom, and meeting this precious family was definitely a gift given to me by God. I love to see when God is at work, it is such an incredible thing!

After the memorial, we celebrated Sara at her favorite restaurant that was out on the lake.  It was such a perfect and beautiful spot not only for Sara but for the Marshall family.  To be able to look out and see the lake and God's creations made us all feel just a little bit closer to Sara. As Hannah, my mom and I were driving home from the day of celebrating Sara, it started to rain.  All I could do was smile.  When I was a little girl my great grandmother told me that when it rains on the day of someones funeral, it means that that sweet person is smiling down from Heaven and looking down on you... I have always held this little tid-bit close to my heart. Ever since my great grandma told me that, every funeral I have been to it has rained.  So, I like to believe that is what the ones I love really are doing in Heaven... smiling down while watching over all of us, and celebrating their new life in Heaven with Jesus!  Thank you Lord for your love and comfort, even through the simple things like rain.

Now that I am back home, things need to be done: homework, studying, and laundry.  On top of all that, my allergies need to get better and the pollen needs to go away because I am miserable.  Well I am off to try and be as productive as I can be for the rest of the day.  I hope everyone is having a restful Sunday!

I will leave you with this picture of Hannah and I after the memorial for Sara that my mom insisted on getting!  We had both been crying before we got to the lunch-- so our faces are a little red and our eyes are a little puffy. I had to remind myself, oh well that is what best friends do together...cry,laugh and comfort each other---so incredibly blessed to have her as my best friend... Love you Han!

Sara's daily motto: "Life is a celebration... so never lose hope and always stay strong because you are never alone!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The waiting game...

Waiting for things I really want in life is very hard for me to do sometimes... well OK, A LOT of the time.  I just keep replaying my interview from Tuesday over and over in my head.  I am still confident that I did my absolute best and am praying that God gives them the wisdom they need to pick me for the position.  Honestly, this job with Gladney would be my dream job.  I would be living out my passion for children and families each day and that makes me so incredibly excited.  I really feel in my heart that this job would provide me with so many opportunities to show the love of God and that makes me so excited; because I feel more than ever that these children and families will need me to pour the love of God into them.  I want this so bad, but more than anything I want this job so that I am able to further my calling in life that God has given me.  Though, as I have been praying I have told God, "if this is not your will for my life, please open another door that furthers my life calling."  My prayer is that God knows this is where I need to be for my first job and that at Gladney I would further His kingdom in so many ways.  I hope God sees how I am longing and waiting for Him to release me to this job so that I can do work for His kingdom through my passion.  Lord, I pray that in the days to come you allow me to continue to be patient, confident in the work I did on Tuesday during my interview, and continually have a gentle reminder that You work all things for my good... thank you for being such an incredible and loving God!

So friends and family, I am waiting and trying to be so patient as I wait.  I ask that you please partner with me in prayer and pray for the staff members in which I interviewed with and that their hearts would be open and confident that I am the best candidate for this position.  I also pray that whatever news I find out that I would thank God for the situation and remember that He is holding my life in His hands.  Waiting is such a hard thing to do, but I am so glad to have the comfort of my God as I anxiously await to hear the news!

Well off to more studying (hopefully I am not up until 2:30 am yet again-- it all began this Sunday night, this WILL NOT become a routine!!)-- stress is overwhelming me (with 3 tests, a big project due next week, and life stuff) and I feel it will continue to consume my emotions until next Wednesday at 5:00pm... which I do not want to be consumed, I want to release this worry and fear... but I have had a very difficult time doing that!  So, please pray that I have strength to endure all the trials and hurdles I have to jump through and overcome, and that I will allow God to give me the peace I need in the week to come.

"God you are my strength and refuge... help me to rely on You through all things."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ready to dominate!

So at 2pm today I had one of the biggest events of my life occur (at least thus far, and after my wedding day) haha.  I had a very important and hopefully final interview with Gladney Adoption Agency for an open position in their New Beginnings department.  I had been praying all morning, and my mind was at ease as I was getting ready for the interview.  I felt confident not only in the answers I provided today in the interview but I felt confident in the way I looked... I was working the professional look (thank you Beth Cannon for helping me pick out such an amazing suit, they loved it)!!  I really answered the questions they asked me today from the heart and demonstrated my passion for children and families.  It felt so good to talk about the things that I love the most and demonstrated all that I have learned through my major at TCU!  Today during my interview I could definitely feel the power of prayer as so many were lifting me up and the I could really feel God speaking through me which was such a powerful thing... God is so good!!  I was told today that I should find out if I got the job next Tuesday or even sooner.  So, please be in prayer that the company felt that I was the best candidate for the position.  I will definitely keep everyone posted and continue praying as I wait for a decision!

All professional and ready to go for my interview today! I was rocking it in my suit and felt confident--I felt like I was going to dominate my interview :)

"I could feel the Lord walking with me each step of today, and it was such a powerful and comforting feeling!"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing up is tough

Lately I have realized that being an adult is hard sometimes... well, maybe a lot of the time.  There are so many decisions that need to be made, things that need to be done, and a check list on life that never seems to end.  There are also times when everything seems to be going great and then you are stopped dead in your tracks because you do not understand the direction life is taking you.  To say the least, the life of an adult is unpredictable and the seasons you may have to endure are very hard to walk through at times.  Though, as an adult I have learned that I cannot deal with all the stuff of life on my own.  I have found my own personal "sound boards" that I know will give me the most sound advice when I need it.  I know that these certain women will listen to my heart, help comfort me, tell me straight how I should handle the situation and pray for me.  Without these specific ladies I have in my life, I do not know how I would have made it through the stuff I have had to walk through our first year of marriage... life is just too unpredictable and I am learning and having to remind myself each day that God has a plan for my life even when I may not be understanding what is going on in the midst of all the craziness.  Each day this last week, my prayer was that God would give me a heart that was in-tune with His well being for my life and Reagan's life; this was hard for me to pray because it is so hard to give every aspect of life to God (my human nature is to try to fix things on my own -- BAD IDEA!)-- though I knew this needed to be done so that I could have a peace in knowing that I am not affecting the ways of my life through my own sinful nature as a person.  I know that my God is a gracious and loving God and through the good and bad times of life He will love me no matter what and that is such a wonderful promise to hold on to.  My mind and heart will be in prayer a lot in the weeks to come, because like most adults, Reagan and I have very big decisions to make for the both of us... I am a little scared/nervous but I know that God will provide for our every need. So if you read this, please just pray for us-- pray that God speaks to us and uses us in the ways we need to be used by Him.

Oh PS: I have another interview with Gladney adoption agency at 2pm tomorrow.  Prayers are very needed and I would be so grateful!  I absolutely love the mission of this company and the people that work there and this would be a dream come true opportunity if this was my first job out of college.  So I am praying that God works through me tomorrow to show the people I speak with that I would be a wonderful addition to their company!

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord... to give you a future and a hope." -Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A night of celebrating!

So last night was our sweet friends Nathanial and Lindsey's wedding!  It was such a beautiful occasion and they are such a perfect couple together! During their ceremony, my mind kept replaying the night of our wedding and it was such a beautiful thing!  I love sitting at weddings and listening to the bride and groom give themselves to one another, it is absolutely beautiful!  During the ceremony right before the beautiful bride walked down the isle, I had to turn and look at Nathanial.  I do not know why I do this at every wedding but I wanted to capture his expression when he saw Lindsey for the first time.  It was so wonderful-- he had this great big smile on his face and tears were welled up in his eyes.  The expression of the groom is always the first thing I look for, and then I look at the bride walking down the isle with her dad... that my friends is such a special moment.  I remember when my dad walked me down the isle and there are so many emotions in that one moment-- you are so happy to see your future hubby at the end of the isle but you also have this feeling that you have grown up and your dad is giving you away to the next man who will take care of you for the rest of your life.  Lindsey was glowing as her dad walked her down last night-- she was absolutely stunning and you could tell how excited and happy she was... it was written all over her face!  Oh gosh I cannot tell you how much I love weddings and how blessed I felt last night to be a part of such a special evening for these two... it was so so wonderful!!

After the ceremony we had such a great time at the reception eating delicious food and dancing the night away.  Half way through the reception though Reagan and I grabbed Nathanial and asked him he had remembered to get the essential things (we had previously told him about) for their first night together as a married couple (candles, bubble bath, rose petals... etc).  His face was completely blank and he was like "OHMYGOSH NO"... so Reagan and I just smiled and told him not to worry about it and that we would handle it.  So off we went to Target to get the essentials for our sweet friends... we have learned the little things like this on your first night together as a married couple makes it so so special and we definitely wanted that for this beautiful couple.  So after we got what we needed (Target is such a life saver!!) we headed back to the reception, had some cake, a little more dancing, and then we sent the beautiful couple on their way to their honeymoon destination with bubbles!  It was such a great night and we were so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful occasion, these two people are such a beautiful representation of what God has done, is doing and will do in their lives!  We love you both so so much!

Here is a picture of the beautiful bride and groom... wish our camera would not have died so early in the night and I would not have had to take this picture with my iPhone!  Luckily I got some great pics during the ceremony :)

Here is me and my sweet and handsome hubby.  This was right before the wedding started-- had to grab a quick picture with Reagan since he was in the wedding and I promised myself that I would get at least one picture of us together from the night! :)

Well off to finish some homework, pick up the house and decide what is for dinner tonight!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday-- it is so beautiful out!

"The entering into marriage is such a beautiful covenant."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet hubby! I have enjoyed every minute I have spent getting to love my sweet man.  Meeting him my junior year in high school was the best thing that ever happened to me.  He brings so much joy and laughter to my life and I am so grateful for the love that he shows me.
My heart is sad today though because we are not together on his birthday.  Though I do know that he is being loved on by the youth during mission trip and that I will get to celebrate with him when I see him tomorrow.  To say the least, tomorrow could not come soon enough!  I have enjoyed the much needed relaxation and rest so that I could finally start feeling better, but I have missed my hubby so so much!
Reagan, I hope you realize today how many people love and care about you, and you celebrate the incredible life and ministry God has given you!  You are such an amazing son, husband, and youth pastor... we are all so blessed to have you in our lives. I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you and give you a big hug and kiss!

I will leave you with this sweet picture of me and my hubby in celebration of his birthday!  So blessed beyond words to have this man in my life. I love you so much babe!

Ps: I promise to take pictures this weekend to celebrate the life of Reagan and pictures of Nathaniel and Lindsey's wedding.  I need to take more pictures!!!

"Celebrating you today and everything I love about you..."

Dinner with my In-Laws

On Monday night, I decided that a dinner with my sweet In-laws must happen while I am in San Antonio.  Reagan's dad and step-mom only live about 5 minutes away from my parents, so we made it happen!  His family and my family met at this great Mexican restaurant that is on top of this hill that overlooks all of San Antonio-- the view is breathtaking!  It was so nice to have dinner with them and just catch up-- I miss them so so much! The only thing that could have made our dinner better was if Reagan had been there.  His family always has me laughing and Reagan definitely would have added to the laughter.  Leaving dinner that night I really wished that one day in the future we would be back in San Antonio (home to Reagan and I both).  I miss moments like I had Monday night where our families are all together... all I would need to complete the picture is if Reagan's mom and step-dad would move back to San Antonio from Nebraska-- if this happened and we all lived in the same city I would be in Heaven!  I absolutely love being surrounded by the love and laughter of family... absolutely nothing can compare!
Ps: I had every intention of taking pictures at this dinner and then I forgot... so I am trying to get better at remembering to take pictures.  I just don't want to be that person that is always saying "Hold On let me get just ONE more picture"... Reagan would KILL ME! HAHA

"Being with family makes my heart smile!"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Surrounded by family

After the crazy past week I had with being sick and so much going on at school, being in San Antonio with my family these past 2 days has been what I have needed for so long.  Even though my family's house is very loud, there is so much always going on, and someone always needing something-- the laughs and hugs that they have given me these past two days have filled my heart so much.  I must admit though I miss my husband so much, and I miss not being able to make memories with the youth while on mission trip.  Though, I must say with getting as sick as I did this past week and being on my third antibiotic right now (UGHH!) and still gaining my full energy back I think God was trying to tell me I needed a break from everything.  Seriously, I am the worst at giving myself a break... and I think it finally took me getting this sick to be able to slow down and say "No" to things and take time for myself.  It is incredible to me to know that God knew I needed this time with my family way before I did, and that mission trip would survive without my presence.  I am so glad that God is in charge of my life and I am not-- because when I try to run my life I always end up being spread too thin and exhausted.
I must say though, I am very anxious to see my husband on Thursday and I am hoping by then that I have all my energy back so that we can enjoy Nathaniel and Lindsey's wedding festivities on Thursday and Friday!! Well I am off to hang out with my little brother and dad-- so wonderful to be able to spend time with them, I miss these two handsome guys so much :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break and stays safe!!!

"Home to me will always be the place where I am surrounded by the love and laughter of my family."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I LOVE my husband

The last couple of days have been rough in the Farish household.  To say the least, we have had a lot on our plates this semester, but it has been so comforting having one another to walk through everything together.  I have not been feeling so great this week and it has been so wonderful to have my husband help me do some of the stuff around the house.  Ever since we very first started dating, Reagan has been wonderful at taking care of me-- that is one of the qualities I love most about him.  Since, we have been married he has continued to do such a wonderful job at taking care of me and has not let me down this week at all!  He has text me to check on me, checked in to see if I needed anything, made dinner, picked up around the house... he has just been so wonderful and I am so grateful to have such an incredible husband like him.  It makes weeks like these when my plate seems to be overflowing with everything I have going on so much better to have him on my team. Love that man so so much!  Well I am off to bed, it has been a long week and I need more rest.

I will leave you with this picture of me and my SUPER HERO!  With everything he balances during the week (from Seminary, Carmax, youth pastor, husband, son/brother and friend) I do not know at times how he gets everything done, and still has time to take care of me.  So grateful that God gave him a strong immune system and that he is able to survive on little sleep (at times) and still be able to juggle the craziness of life with a smile on his face :) Love this sweet man so so much -- so grateful he is mine!!

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." -- Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heaven just got a little bigger

Driving home from work today I received some devastating news that Jillian's sister (Jillian was one of my roommates from the dupe) has passed away.  My heart hurts in so many ways for this beautiful family.  They fought so hard to overcome the things that had attacked Sara's body.  Though, I have to remind myself as I sit here and write this that God thought life would be so much better for her if she spent eternity with Him in Heaven. Sara was so incredibly brave through out her journey and without a doubt I know that she impacted the lives of so many people along the way.  From Sara's incredible journey, I have learned to cherish the gift of life, always tell the ones you love how much you love them, and to take each day one step at a time.  She fought so hard for so many years, and I know now that she is in a place where there is no more pain or suffering and that she is enjoying being in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I ask that you please pray for the Marshall Family (Marc, Sheri, and Jillian) as they walk through the next days, weeks and months and that the Lord will give them strength and that they will turn to Him and each other through their times of need.  I also ask that you pray for the girls who live in the dupe with Jillian now (Lindsey, Katelyn and Christina).  Give these girls wisdom and the words to say to comfort Jillian, give them strength to make it through these next couple of days, opportunities to cry together, and the strength to pour all their love out to Jillian.  God I pray that through this situation we can all see how fragile life is and that we will cherish each day as if it is our last...and we will take steps forward in mending things that have been broken so that we can live life to the fullest with those we love.  Life is such a beautiful precious gift and I pray that we all live life to the fullest.

I will leave you with this sweet picture of the Marshall Girls.  Sara is on the left, their mom is in the center, Jillian is to the right and Mr. Marshall must have been taking the picture.  Please pray for this precious family, they need all the prayers they can get and need to feel the comfort of prayer right now more than ever.

"Be still, and know that I am God" --Psalm 46:10

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cold weather, why are you here??

Just when I thought Spring was here in full bloom, I wake up this morning to the windy cold weather!  This is definitely Texas weather folks!  I just hope that when we go on mission trip with our youth kids to Shreveport, Louisiana that the weather will be nice and Spring like!

Today I woke up on a mission--- I was in cleaning spree mode!  Let's just say our house was filthy to my standards and it took me 3 1/2 hours to clean everything the way I liked it to be.  When Reagan sent me a text from work today and asked me how my day was going I told him "busy and that the townhouse took for forever to clean."  He responded back with... "WOW... I really am oblivious to mess!"  Finally he admits that he does not see when things need to be clean! Well lets just say that my cleaning wore me out enough that I definitely feel like it should be counted as my workout today-- I have a feeling my arms and legs are going to be sore tomorrow from all the scrubbing and squatting down I did today... haha. Though, I must say I do love the smell of a deep cleaned house!

Right now I sit on our couch procrastinating homework just a bit...I have a load of laundry in the dryer and the wash and the sound of the wind super strong outside our window.  I think tonight Reagan and I will definitely have a lazy night since he has been at work all day and I have been getting stuff done around here.  Chicken and rice definitely sounds delicious for dinner and I think we may watch a movie tonight! :)  Sounds like a perfect night to me!

I hope everyone enjoys this chilly day!

"Seasons change, but my love for You still remains."

Friday, March 4, 2011


I just want to start off by saying I am in love with my women's bible study group that meets on Thursday nights!  The things I am learning in this group are incredible and the insight these women have are amazing.  I am so glad I allowed myself to get out of my comfort zone and go to this group, it has been a huge blessing.  Last night, as we finished by taking prayer requests I think the most amazing part for me was the advice, wisdom and encouragement every woman spoke to those with heavy hearts... me included!  It was just so nice to not only be prayed for but advice for how to handle the situation and how to go to God in prayer.  I walked into Bible study with a heavy heart last night, but I left with a peace of mind knowing that I have these women on my team and I can look to them for guidance, prayer and advice... that definitely puts a smile on my face!

Thank goodness it is Friday... finally closure to this long, crazy, and hectic week!  This morning when I woke up I was not feeling so great, but it was so nice to roll over and have my hubby next to me since he finally was able to get Friday's off from Carmax (the man was in need of a break).  He was in a deep sleep and I was so glad that he was finally able to get the rest that he needed.  Though, when my alarm went off for work, it woke him up-- shoot!  We laid there and talked a bit and he told me about his guys night that he had last night and I told him how much of a "grandma" I was and that I went to bed at 10:30 last night (he chuckled but I know deep down he loves these crazy things about me)... I was exhausted!  It was nice to lay there and talk with him this morning, these are the things I love the most about being married.  Even though arguments happen, and life is busy enjoying the simple things puts a smile on my face.

Once we finally got up, Reagan had to head to the property for church stuff and I headed out to teach Stretch-N-Grow to my cute little kids... they are such a blessing.  The kids are so darn cute I would love to take them all home with me!  Once work was over since I looked not so cute and did not have much makeup on and a lunch meeting had started at the property already... I decided I would head to the gym to get a workout in.  I had a good workout but I felt a little sluggish while I was there, but I kept pushing myself through and I finally finished.  Once I was done I headed home, I got cleaned up, grabbed a bite to eat, and began to be productive... now I am getting ready for my interview out at the property for Children's ministry stuff.  Whenever all the church stuff is done for Reagan and I today we have decided we are going to spend some time together alone-- since this has not happen in forever!  I have no idea what we will do but as long as I am with him... it will all work out great.  Even though today seems busy, I am learning there are things in life you have to do, and today is one of those days.

I hope everyone has a great end to their week!

"Be thankful for each day, because God has blessed us with so much more than we ever deserved!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My engine is running low

So this week has been crazy busy to say the least-- I have had so many tests and so many things due. Thank goodness I have my last test of the week tomorrow and then I get a little break and have to study for another one this weekend that I have on Monday... the madness never ends! On top of all I have going on,  Reagan has been super busy with all his stuff; I feel like we have hardly seen each other this week.  I thought getting married meant we would get to see each other all the time... I was so wrong!  We are so busy it is difficult just to find time to sit and listen how his day went.  In the weeks to come both Reagan and I need things to slow down a little bit so that we do not feel like we are being pulled so many different directions.  Honestly, my prayer is that in the near future we get a weekend just for each other and nothing else... no school distractions, ministry stuff, Carmax, or anything-- I just need that time with my husband to love on him and enjoy his company.

On a heavy heart note, I was reading my friends blog today (tcpreciousmoments.blogspot.com) and I came across a link to a family's blog that is in need of prayer.  I clicked on the link to see how I could pray for them and my heart immediately sank.  I was sitting in class and tears began to make my eyes all blurry.  What I read is that this sweet family's 5 year old daughter, Lucy has multiple tumors in her brain and one on her spine.  She has been through surgery to try and remove the tumors but not all were able to be removed, and soon she will start chemotherapy and radiation... my heart was hurting so bad as I read every blog entry the mom had posted.  All the way home from my night class tonight I thought about that family and how their world has been turned upside down, and the tears just began to roll down my face.  I do not even know this family but what I do know is that sweet Lucy needs all the prayers she can get, and her family needs prayers and strength to make it through this difficult time in their life.  So I ask all of you who read my blog, please go look under my favorite blogs I read and click on the link, Praying for Sweet Lucy.  It will lead you to this family's blog where you can read how this family needs to be prayed for.  My prayer for them is that they can feel the presence of God in their life more than ever before and that Lucy knows God is taking each day with her one step at a time.

Well I am off to put a load of the hubby's laundry in the dryer and then more studying... I seriously need a break...exhaustion feels as if it may set in sooner than I need it to. I hope everyone has a wonderful night :)

"God you are my strength, and in times of hardships, chaos and stress I turn to You in prayer."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Overwhelmed, just a bit.

Have you ever had one of those days where you get to the end of the day and your realize there is much more to do but you are not sure you have enough energy to do it all... well that is where I am right now.  I spent all day studying for a test tonight, then I took the test, came home, and now I have to spend a great portion of tonight studying for another test on Thursday.  I know a lot of my friends from TCU are in this same boat with me right now, but seriously I feel like this is life in general.  When you are a mom, it feels like things never get all the way done and you have a running to do list (at least that is how it was for my mom when I was growing up)!  Well I am just learning that women need to remind each other that we are not alone in this crazy busy life.  I had to remind myself several times today to keep pushing forward, to take deep breaths, and to continually recite Philippians 4:13 -- "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."  So when the days seem as if they may never end, or the to do list just keeps getting longer and longer remind yourself to not be anxious, know that you have other women who are in the same crazy life routines, and pray that God will give us all the strength we need to finish out the hour, the day, the week, heck even the month with perseverance, faithfulness, and strength knowing that God was helping us each little step we took.  Just some advice for all my friends out there for when life seems crazy, because today my life felt like it was sinking with all the responsibilities and things I needed to accomplish... just thank goodness there are women in my life who have been through it all and can provide me with guidance and pray for me-- so blessed for this!

Well I must continue to study-- and I will have a positive attitude about this because I am so grateful to be getting a college education... and super grateful that graduation is getting closer!!

I hope everyone has a great night.. Oh and vote for Tim Halperin on American Idol-- He is a TCU ALUM!

"The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it!"