Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life goes by in the BLINK of an EYE!

life is going by so fast... i am sitting here thinking where has the time gone??
in the past 2 weekends i have had bridal showers and gotten some amazing gifts... i have incredible friends and family!
i am about to sign up for my senior year of classes... WOW it feels like i was just a freshman in college the other day.
i take my bridal portraits this weekend... i am nervous and excited all wrapped in one. then i keep thinking in my head... did i work out enough to be stunning for these pictures??... SHAME on me for even thinking that way! they will turn out however they turn out! good grief i am so hard on myself.
i am about to get married... the countdown is getting smaller and the wedding day is getting closer... WOW i am going to be MRS. FARISH... a WIFE to REAGAN! i am very excited and so anxious but so nervous!
i am so excited how my life has played out... i could have not been more blessed.
my GOD is good and the plans He has had for my life have all been in His timing!
Life is flying by but i am making several memories with each special moment and special person :)

"Love life and it will Love you back."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break

It is finally Spring Break and I am so incredibly grateful!!! I definitely need a break... a time where my brain does not have to do school work and does not have to think very hard! So this Spring Break is different than anyone I have ever had... I am going home to SA town to finish planning the wedding! I have another dress fitting, food tasting, I get to look at one of the floral arrangements, and my mom's best friend is throwing me my first wedding shower! I am so excited.. I cannot believe it is almost here... just three months away... I feel like that is going to take for forever but so many people tell me it will be here before I know it! :) I am so excited to go back to SA TOWN.. I Love it there.. it is definitely home! I am just looking so forward to spending time with my family, and getting a mani and pedi with my mom-- we are definitely going to have a couple of girls days because I miss that the most!!! I am also excited that Reagan will be in SA town for part of Spring Break too, so we are going to get to celebrate his birthday and he is going to go to the food tasting with me :)
I just love simple things like this... one whole week with my family makes me smile really BIG and is such a wonderful gift! So many of my friends are getting to travel to really cool places and getting to do big group trips but I am so satisfied in knowing that I get a week with my family... I would not change it for the world. I think I am cherishing going home more than anything because this summer my Home will be with Reagan in Dallas not in SA TOWN with my family. Do not get me wrong I am so excited to be a family with Reagan but it is definitely going to be so weird that this is the first summer I do not spend at home with my family. I know I will get to see them but WOW... I am growing up. Life is changing and I am ready for the changes God is making in my life and I couldn't be more blessed for the man he has given me to love.
When I was a little girl I never thought I would grow up and find a man who would sweep me off of my feet... boy was I wrong.... I have been blessed with the most incredible man. Though, getting married makes me want to relive those memories of being a little girl so that I can remind my dad I will always be his sweetiepie and show my mom that I am always her little girl no matter what. I am learning that even though life changes--- you will always have your family and the memories you have made with them because no one can ever take that away. I am just learning to really cherish life and the blessings I have been given because too many times I take them for granted and do not say thank you to God enough or tell those amazing people in my life how much I truly LOVE them.
When I look at my life all I can say is that I have been truly blessed and for that I am so incredibly grateful beyond words!
I hope everyone has an incredible spring break cherishing the people you are with and making incredible memories that will last a lifetime. :)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count... it's the life in your years."

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok so seriously... I loathe studying... and a lot of the time lately I have been wishing I was done with school... and way farther in my future... like with the best child development career and my wonderful husband Reagan... not having to worry about staying up most of the night to study for tests that shouldn't even determine how smart you are. Because people like me just are not the best at tests. I could tell you tons about the subject.. but tests seriously just SUCK! I am so ready for spring break... for a mental break... I need it bad! I need sleep... right now my head is pounding and I just need sleep...but I do not really think that is an option anytime soon! blahhhh :(
This was such a random blog... but totally how I am feeling right here and now... and to top it all off it is Monday and it rained today... I am just ready for sun and pretty weather... please God send the sun so I do not feel like I live in Seattle all the time!
Sorry for all the blahhness this blog had to offer, I am seriously just so done with school and studying right now and really needing a break and time to be with my family. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and found happiness in today. Out of all the yuckiness in today I did find happiness, I got to see Reagan today and be an encouragement for him after he pulled an all nighter. He is an incredible person and always so full of encouragement even when he is tired... love him so much!

"Life is a journey, but take time to stop and smell the flowers."

Monday, March 1, 2010


Prayer is such an incredible and powerful thing. Lately life has handed me situations that I do not particularly know how to handle... but God does and that is the amazing thing about Him. I hate when my friends are hurting, stressed, or troubled with problems. I wish I had all the right things to say to them, but at times I have no words to speak to them at all. All I know that I can really do for them is pray. Pray that they allow God to take control of their life, pray that they find comfort in Him, pray that they find peace in the midst of craziness, and pray that they find reassurance in His love. Life is hard and I am learning that more and more everyday. Though I am also finding out that God does not give us more than we can handle. We may think that our world is crumbling around us and not understand why things are happening to us, but the beautiful thing is God has an incredible plan for our lives and sometimes it's not all sunshine and flowers. Sometimes God needs us to go through the hard spots in life so that we learn to lean on Him more and appreciate the good that we find after we have traveled through the pain. Though, telling a friend this as they go through a trial is not the most comforting thing... all they want is to be past it, to find peace, and understand why they have to go through it. The big question is WHY... why do we have to go through tough stuff that other people do not have to go through... and honestly I may never be able to answer that question completely... because sometimes I can't understand WHY! Though I do know that each person God created He made a life plan specifically for them and sometimes we have to walk through the pain and learn so much from God so that we can be stronger from the pain and have learned things that can help us in our daily life. I have learned that the times you listen to God the most are when you are most vulnerable and on your knees because you do not know what to do. God definitely works through pain and teaches us every step of the way, and for that I am grateful. So all I know to do now is pray for my friends... for clarification for their life, for peace of mind, for calmness, and for knowing that God will carry them through the storm. Praying for friends is a powerful thing, and most definitely after all I have been through I believe in the power of prayer.

"Prayer is the voice of Faith."