Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well this morning is a day in our lives that we will remember for years to come.  We are Officially Home Owners!!!  Wow.  I do not feel old enough to even be writing that sentence let alone saying it to people.  We just took a big step jump into the real world of adults.  I am excited for the journey to begin and cannot wait to see what God has next for us.  We are so excited to have a place of our own and cannot wait to have friends and family over.  Our prayer all along has been that wherever we ended up God would use us in a mighty way... I look forward to being used and allowing our house to be a place where fellowship and laughter occur.  I cannot wait for all the fun and memories to begin! Let the good times roll!!

Hip Hip Hooray!! We became Home Owners Today!!

Lord, thank You for the provision of our lives.  We are blessed beyond measure.  I pray that we continue to seek You in this journey and all that You have planned out for us!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

This weekend amidst all the packing we celebrated my incredible Dad!  Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have this amazing man in our lives... especially after his tragic 12 ft. fall this past Christmas.  I cherish this man with my whole heart.  He is the one who stole my heart when I was a little girl, the one who has taught me how to live life to the fullest, how to love without regrets, and how to always remind the people you are surrounded by daily how much you love them and how much they mean to you.  My Dad is my world and truly one of my best friends.  I am grateful for the impact he has had on my life, my brothers lives, and Reagan's life.  We are all better because of this man who graces us with his presence, his laughter, his love for others and the Lord, his servant heart, and his hugs.  Thank you Dad for being a man who has taught me how to love the Lord, how to talk to others, and how to serve others.  You truly are the most incredible Dad a girl could ever ask for.  I am blessed because of him and the love he has poured out to me.  Thank you Lord for another year with my Dad, I pray it is another year filled with much laughter, many memories, and lots of bear hugs.  I will always be my daddy's sweetie-pie!  Cheers to my wonderful Dad and to another year of living life to the fullest! I will love you always and forever!!

We Love celebrating this sweet man!! 

My brothers... what handsome men they are :) 

Oh and this cutie... I take every opportunity I can to get a picture with this handsome fella!

Thank you Lord for the blessing of our Dad.  He has been such and inspiration to us all and we are so honored to have him as our Dad!

Life as we know it.

Wow I cannot believe July is almost over!!  Where has the summer gone?! Well Reagan and I have been busy with life as usual.  I am convinced it may never slow down.  Though, thru all the craziness we have been able to have a lot of laughs and make memories along the way with friends and family. Life as we know it though is pretty crazy and fast paced, but honestly thru our crazy/ busy life God has shown up in more ways than one.  On Tuesday we become adults.  We are signing our lives away.  We are buying our FIRST HOME!! I am a little scared, anxious, excited.. not gonna lie.  I am also super thrilled at where God has us in this moment, and cannot wait for this journey to begin.  Though, the past couple of days there have been some grumbles escape from the happy couples mouths because quite frankly... we HATE packing.  The process has seemed to go pretty quick... maybe because we are anxious about our new house or the fact that my parents have been wonderful and have helped us pack. I dunno.  But I feel like we blinked and all our stuff is gone and boxes surround every square inch of our tiny apartment.  Holy Moly we are about to own a house?! Is this Real Life?? I do not feel old enough for this endeavor but we are oh so ready to have a place to call our own.  A place that is all ours.  WOW.  I cannot believe it.  God has blessed us so much and we are grateful beyond words.  I cannot wait to decorate our home, get a dog, have a family down the road... wow friends this is where life begins!! So I hope you all are as excited as we are because we pretty much cannot contain our excitement -- even though it is mixed with a little fear... this is a BIG life move! So any who, I digress... Tuesday is the BIG day and we cannot WAIT! A new chapter of our life is about to begin and we are embracing every sweet moment.

We cannot walk into our once roomy study-- each space of floor is filled with boxes.

Though as I mentioned before, life as we know it is this... the Not so fun part -- PACKING. But let me tell you my friends moving into our home and decorating it all cutesy -- that is where my excitement is at!!  Not all this packing and boxes and organized towers of clutter.  Well back to the packing I go... Tuesday could not come soon enough!!

Boxes and clutter surround me... I need my OCD tendencies to take a chill pill for the next week... maybe month.

Thank you Lord for the blessings you have provided us.  We are extremely humbled by Your provision and love for us.