Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Little Things In Life

So life as we know it has been extremely busy... I apologize for not blogging more.  With school winding down for the year, my head seems to be all over the place, and my heart is a little sad.  My first group of pre-k kiddos are about to grow up.  Along with Reagan's crazy busy schedule ( he has been out of town a lot recently) we have one chaotic house - as of now... to say the least we are ready for our world to calm down a bit!

The other night I had time to just sit and think.  Reagan was out of town and it was just me and a quiet house... so I had a lot of time to think and reflect.  I loved being able to sit there and smile about the things God has blessed me with and the things I have to be grateful for.

I am grateful that I have a husband who loves me unconditionally.  The first morning he was gone on his business trip I woke up to a note saying, "Good morning sweet heart, I love you so much and I miss you on the first day."  My heart melted just a little bit.  The story behind that is he always tells me the first day of a business trip is a day of freedom and that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but by the second day he is missing me... well this time I was missed on the first day, the second day and the third day.  This time around by the third day we both could not wait to see each other and be home with one another.  Sappy love story... I know.  I just loved the thoughtfulness of that note and the reminder to cherish every day I have with my hubby.

I am grateful for a God who carries me through each day.  I love how He knows the plans for my future better than I ever will and knows the most intimate parts of my heart.  He is always there for me and gives me hope to strive to be more like Him each day. I love that I can talk to Him through prayer about anything and that He hears my heart when others may not.  Thank you Lord for the price you paid for me by dying on the cross.

I am grateful that I work with such wonderful people each day- even if it only is for half the day.  I love my time I spend with my school friends and the support they give me.  They are so wonderful and I am going to miss them so much once the school year ends.  I have learned A LOT this year and looking back now I would not have it any other way.  Life is about growing and learning and I have done a lot of both this year!

I am grateful for my bible study ladies on Wednesday night.  Our group has grown so much and it is such a joy to gather with so many women who have a passion for learning more about the Lord and loving on others.  Every Wednesday I look forward to meeting with these ladies and would not have it any other way.  They have blessed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

I am grateful for the couples bible study we are getting plugged into with our church.  I feel that we are learning a lot and getting to fellowship each Sunday night with some incredible couples.  Times spent with these families is making our faith walks and marriage with one another even stronger.

I am grateful for family.  The time with them is precious and something I definitely do not take for granted.  I hold family very close to my heart and I truly do not know what I would do without them.  They laugh with me, cry with me, celebrate with me, and bring me pure Joy... nothing is better than the love of family.

These are just a few of the things that came to my mind as I sat and really thought about all I had to be grateful for... it was a good night of reflection and something I did not want to forget.

Well off to get my day off from school started - no more lounging for me! Happy Fiesta to those of you who live in San Antonio!!

Do not let this day pass you without stopping and thinking... "What am I grateful for???"

"Lord thank you for your grace and all you have blessed me with."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Days go by.

Wow, where has the time gone?! I apologize for not blogging since pretty much forever ago. I feel like I blinked and slept a little in between and it is almost the end of April.  How in the world did that happen?!  I am going to close my eyes and then it will be May and I will wonder where the time has gone. Life just goes by way too fast sometimes... I need it to slow down so that I have time to take it all in!

The second half of this year has been good  busy.  Reagan has been working non-stop, I feel like sometimes he isn't even able to come up for air because his phone is ringing non-stop.  Though, he doesn't complain and loves what he does so as a wife I couldn't be happier for him. Oh and there have been a lot of "work" golf games in between all the crazy phone calls so that must be alleviating his stress.. haha!!
I on the other hand have been busy too and extremely tired... working with my Pre-K kiddos is wearing me out!! Though, I love working with them every day and I am cherishing the time I have with them because the year is almost over and then they will be.... BIG KID KINDERGARTNERS. How did that happen?!  I think I may cry.... seriously.  I want them to stay with me for the rest of their schooling... I have some of the best kiddos ever!!!

Other than work, we took a trip last weekend to Ft. Worth.  Oh it was so good to be back in COW TOWN! We headed up there for one of my sweet Alpha Chi Sorority sister's weddings.  It was great to see some of my "sisters" and watch my sweet friend get married.  While we were in Ft. Worth, we got to stay with one of our sweet couple friends that we miss so much... Jace and Karlie.  They had just bought a house a couple of weeks before we came to visit and I could not believe how amazing and adorable it looked.  I LOVED it so much, and it made me even more antsy for this summer to come because Reagan and I will be purchasing our first home (fingers and toes crossed)!!! It was so nice to see them, hang out, do a little shopping while the boys went to the shooting range, be able to relax and chat, and go to their church they love so much on Easter Sunday.  Though, we did miss being with our families on Easter it was nice that we were able to celebrate with our friends that weekend!

Other than having a crazy busy daily schedule and taking a little trip to Ft. Worth, we are looking forward to life slowing down a bit, finding a home (getting that all cute and homey) and then buying our first dog.  I think a labradoodle OR a goldendoodle are on the top of both of our lists...we have several friends who have those kind of dogs and they love them and I think they are oh so cute... so we shall see what we end up with!
Look how stinkin' cute that Labradoodle is.  I could just cuddle that precious baby all day long!!! 

Oh and this pumpkin is a Goldendoodle.  So cute and fluffy... what more could you ask for?!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and relaxing... I am trying to (I have errands to run) and my husband is on the golf course... something is not right with this picture?! HAHA.  Enjoy the weekend and love on your family!

I will leave you with some pics from our trip to Ft. Worth... ENJOY! :)

Reagan and I headed to the wedding! Love this pic!! 

My mom and dad were celebrating a wedding for their friends the same night we were back in SA TOWN! Love them to the moon and back! 

Bride and Groom's First Dance... So Sweet! 

Look at that stunning Bride!! 

Love my "Big Sis" Kelly!!

"Be blessed today because we have so much to be thankful for!"