Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainy days :)

So this morning I woke up to the sound of rain and it was a beautiful sound.  I laid in bed for a long time listening to the rain and praying, it was such a wonderful way to start the morning. 
It is days like these where all I want to do is curl up in a blanket and snuggle on the couch and watch movies all day long.  Though, the life of a senior in college-- I do not get very many Saturday's where I get to do this.  So today even though movies are calling my name I will be studying for my 2 midterms that are next Thursday... prayers are much needed!

My tests this week went really well.  I made a 91 on the first one and an 84 on the second one... I wish I could have gotten an A on the second one too I just did not have enough time from Tuesday (the day of my first test) to Wednesday (the day of my second test) to get as prepared as I wanted to for the second one... Oh well I am shooting for an A for test 2... no need worrying about it now!

Reagan is busy at Carmax today-- working in the rain, definitely not one of his favorite things to be doing!  He is doing really well there and seems to like the people he works with so all is well :)

Fall is finally coming-- I wish it would come faster.  I bought the most delicious smelling candle last night-- pumpkin spice it smells so good, I cannot wait to burn it!  Also, my mom is sending our fall package our way super soon--- She made us a wreath and a kitchen table arrangement and some other things... so ready to decorate for fall!  My mom told us last night that we are supposed to be getting a cold front and I got all excited because I am ready to put my summer clothes away and hang up my winter clothes.. how pathetic, I just love wearing boots, sweaters and jackets.  I am definitely ready for the cold weather to kick in so that I can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte and not be burning up as I drink it!

I feel like laziness is going to take over me today... but it cannot, I have to much to do!  So here is hoping I get the things done that I wished to get accomplished today!

Oh... so excited community groups (at home bible studies) start tomorrow for our church.  We are going to have an awesome group and I am so pumped!! Cannot wait to see what God is going to teach me, Reagan and I as a couple and our whole group!  It is going to be awesome to watch God move!
Everyone enjoy listening to the pitter patter of the rain today-- such a soothing sound!  Have a wonderful Saturday.

"Feeling God's love each day is a gift I cannot contain--- I want to share with everyone."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another day, Another Week

Sorry I have not been on here in so long... Life finally caught up with me.  More like school overwhelmed me-- and all I have been doing is school and studying.

Reagan has been super busy with his online grad class for seminary, working at Carmax selling cars, and growing the student ministry at TCAL!
At the end of the day most days we look at each other and wish there were more hours in a day so that we could spend just a little more time with each other.

18 hours is finally kicking in and beginning to kick my butt-- I have 2 tests this week and 2 papers due and next week I have 3 tests and 2 in one day-- that is just not ok! Each day I have to pray for strength to make it through the day because some days seem like they are never going to end.

Reagan and I are both ready for the cold weather to come to Dallas and for Thanksgiving to be here so that we can go to SA Town and see our families.  We are also ready for Christmas because we think a trip to Nebraska to see his mom may be in our future! :)

This past weekend we got to go on a surprise date to the Dallas Aquarium-- it was a lot of fun but definitely a one time deal-- it is so expensive for 2 people to go and tour for how short it is... oh well it was something fun I had never done before :)

It is official that our date nights are now Thursday nights- it is so nice to look forward to this because my week of school ends Thursday so it is a nice time for Reagan ad I to spend together and not have to worry about anything at least for one night!

The semester seems to be flying by and I feel like the next thing that will happen is it will be Spring and that means graduation is right around the corner!
I am still praying about if God wants me to go to Grad school or if I will be blessed with a wonderful job that I love.  Praying for understanding for what He needs me to do with my life-- so I would love for prayer in this area.

Well that is a little recap of how we have been lately- life is good... just super busy, sometimes I wish I could stop time just so I could take a breather!

"All I need is you Lord, is you Lord, all I need is You."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a FROYO kind of night :)

So all week I have been studying for my big comparative psychology exam that was today... I think it went well but we shall see! I am just so glad it is OVER!

I am so glad that for me Thursday is the last day of school.  After the week of studying I have had, I definitely need to re-group tomorrow and get stuff done that I neglected to do this week!

So I have an awesome hubby!! He called me on his way home from work tonight all excited and said you know what tonight is... Thursday Night Date Night!! WOOHOO!!
He asked me what I wanted to do and I really want to go get Froyo-- for those of you who do not know I am obsessed with frozen yogurt!  So he is taking me to get frozen yogurt and then we are either going to a movie at the theatre or renting one and bringing it back home and cuddling :)
All these options sound wonderful as long as I get my FROYO!

I am so blessed to have my husband who cares about me so much --- oh and to make things better he is off tomorrow, so we get to spend some time together before he goes to the football game for the high school tomorrow night and I head to the Women's Event for TCAL!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week... CELEBRATE tomorrow is FRIDAY!

"Love life-- it is the most Precious Gift God has given us!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just one of those days...

So this Sunday morning started off a little rough in the Farish household. I did not sleep very well at all last night. With the weather how it has been my allergies have been majorly acting up -- I don't feel bad I am just stopped up!

So lets back up first --- Last night we went to the TCU football game and the Horned Frogs dominated!  It was an awesome way to start out the season! (side note, my camera was out of battery-- so I got no pics from the game last night! UGH!) After the game, Reagan and I headed home and we realized we had not eaten dinner... so he decided he would stop at Sonic.  I now know why I have the rule of not eating fast food and not at 11:15 at night.  The couple bites of food I had my belly did not like so I just gave up!  It will probably be better for me in the end since I am trying to get more tone and lose some weight.  My hubby on the other hand can eat whatever he wants and still look so handsome-- so not fair!

Once we got home we had to get ready for Sunday stuff.  Reagan was reviewing some outlines for his meeting he had this morning with his youth leaders and I was trying to get stuff ready for the kids ministry.  Well aside from doing that stuff we were also looking on line for a new phone for me.  My iPhone has been freaking out lately and I am just not impressed with apple right now... so if anyone has a smartphone that they love from AT&T I would love to know which phone you have!

After all of this was done, I realized Reagan had fallen asleep on the couch during the process of looking for me a phone, so I woke him up and we headed to bed -- I think he was still half asleep walking upstairs. 

Well I was exhausted and was ready to get a good nights sleep--- WRONG!  I went to bed and my right eye kept watering like no body's business.  Then I felt like my chest was getting heavy (and I have asthma-- so I know what it feels like to not be able to breathe). Seriously, these allergies STINK!  So, I tried waking Reagan up-- I was not having an asthma attack but my eye was spazzing out, my nose was all clogged up and my chest was feeling funky... so I thought I will try to wake him up he cannot be in that deep of a sleep.. well boy was I wrong!  He was out cold... I tried waking him up at least three times and he never moved!  When he didn't wake up I decided to get out of bed and get some more water and try to make my eye stop watering.  Lets just say that this all began around 12:30ish and I did not lay my head back down until 2:45 and my alarm was set to go off at 7:35-- I was not a happy camper when I had to wake up this morning!

Other than that, the children's ministry was very busy today but all my favorite Pre-kers were there so it made it a wonderful morning!

After church, we went and had lunch with Jace at Chuy's which was delicious and filling--- we missed not having Karlie there though--- we love seeing our newly engaged couple friends!

Once lunch was done, we headed back home to do homework and that is what we have been doing ever since.  I will be so glad when school is finally OVER forever!

Not being hungry for dinner at all, my sweet hubby grabbed us a snack of a California roll to share and some edemame-- it definitely hit the spot and now we are back to studying again, ugh!

We really want to watch a movie tonight but we are both so tired from today--- so here is to wishful hoping for a movie and snuggling :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful labor day tomorrow and has enjoyed their long weekend with friends and family!

"Enjoy the simple moments, because life is one crazy unpredictable ride!"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go FROGS!!!!

HOORAY!!! College football is finally here and I could not be more excited!!!
Our sweet friends Brandon and Courtney (TCU Alum) had two extra tickets to the game tonight and they invited us to go with them!  We are going to be sitting on the 25 yard line about 20 rows up so the seats should be awesome!
I cannot wait to get to the game tonight--- there is going to be purple everywhere and I love that most about TCU football games.
I am going to ride with Brandon and Courtney tonight to get to the Cowboys stadium early and then Reagan is going to meet us there right after he gets off work!
One thing I miss about TCU football games is having my best friend Hannah there.  Though, I know she is wearing her purple all the way in Olney, Texas and she will be cheering on the frogs!  She will always be a horned frog at heart :)

Well until I leave to go to the game, today is consisting of laundry, study for my comparative psychology test that is on Thursday, picking up the house a bit, and getting ready for the game!

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and enjoys spending time with their friends and family!!!


"Enjoy the simple things in life- family and friends because they are God's greatest gift that He gave to us!"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainy and Gloomy days are PERFECT for Sleeping

So it was way too hard to get out of bed this morning.  I could hear the rain outside our bedroom window and I was all cozy under the covers so all I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep!
I was finally able to pull myself out of bed and get dressed.  My cold seems to be a little bit better today I am just so darn tired-- I wish the weather would decided if it wants to be hot or cold and then I would stop getting colds!
I am so glad this is the end of my week -- I am ready for a break! 

Oh great news!!! We have some wonderful friends who are taking Reagan and I to the TCU football game at the Cowboys Stadium on Saturday!!!! WOOHOO!! We are both super excited and can hardly wait!  I will definitely post pictures from Saturday night!

Other than school, this week has flown by pretty fast-- this weekend will have to consist of studying though because I have a test next week :(
I am definitely not ready for tests to start--- but ready or not here they come!

Reagan has been working super hard this week and their first Ignite Bonfire for their youth group was last night!  He said it went fabulous and there were so many students who had brought friends!  He was so excited when he got home because he said there were so many kids at the Bonfire and that he did not get to meet everyone and for him that made him very happy!

Well off to class I go-- hopefully the rainy day will make the day go by faster!  I would definitely rather be in bed snuggled under the covers watching a movie! :)

"The smell of rain let's me know that God is magnificently powerful"