Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am the Church... I am ALL in

So today, our pastor Paul delivered an incredible message... one that brought me to tears and pretty much everyone around me.  He really got up there today and shared his heart and his mission for the church and it was incredible to hear his passion and to feel the Spirit working in our church.  Being a staff wife to the youth pastor makes it difficult at times to lose sight of making me healthy because I am so worried about fixing the problems of others.  Though, I am learning that I need to be as healthy as I can spiritually so that I can help our youth fight the problems that they endure in life. 
I write this blog tonight with a heavy heart.  Even though today at church was incredible and reminded me what the fight is all about-- to share the word of God with those around me, my heart broke because I know how much Satan is at work with our church staff family and our church.  I sat there today the tears pouring down my face knowing that I am ALL IN for the mission God has called Reagan and I on but also knowing that God never said this mission was going to be easy and I am seeing the painful side of being in ministry.  When those who belong to the Kingdom of God are furthering the Kingdom, that makes Satan so mad and he attacks hard.  Each member on our staff family crossed through my mind this morning as Paul talked and I asked God to give them an extra measure of strength to continue to fight the battle.  My prayer is that God will allow our staff family to become even closer through the trials we are having to walk through with so many families.  Though, even though ministry does have its downfalls and days where you want to throw in the towel, there is so much to be thankful for... for example, this morning our pastor challenged us as a congregation to step across the line and to be ALL IN for Christ-- to surrender all to the King of Kings.  It was incredible to see how many individuals, couples, and families went up to the stage and prayed that they were ALL IN.  This was an incredible and tearful moment for me because God gently reminded me that I am not alone in this fight against Satan... that I not only have Him as my protection but my church family who has claimed it all for Christ.  My heart is that each person who reads this blog today will evaluate their life and see which part of their life they are holding back from God that is not allowing them to be all in for the greater good of His Kingdom; remember you have nothing to lose when you fight on the team of God but so many lives to bring to the Kingdom for eternity.  Allow yourself to be open to allow God to use you in mighty ways.  I also ask that each time this blog comes to your mind that you would pray for our church staff family as we walk through each day with families and kids and that we would be given amazing insight from God about how better to help them in their journey.  Pray that God prevails in all situations and that as TCAL (our church abbreviated) we are a shining light of people who represent our church in a positive and influential way!

"God help me to live out the mission of my life."

Ps: to listen to our sermon from today... go to itunes and type in The Community at Lakeridge podcasts... and find today's date.  It is powerful and definitely a great reminder of why God placed us here on earth... do not go another day without living out your mission for Christ!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Productive...

So this morning I finally allowed myself to sleep in-- I sure needed it!  I slept till 10 am this morning and it felt so good!  I woke up and felt ready to conquer the day.  I started my day off at the gym which just seemed to kick start my morning.  Then I headed to Target to grab some things for a dinner we are going to tonight... Target did suck me in a little but I was good and I only bought the things that were on my list for tonight (my husband would be very proud)!  Then I came home, grabbed some lunch, showered, got dressed, folded 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up a bit and now I am about to start studying for 2 tests coming up this week until the hubby gets home.   So I guess I should give myself some credit and say I have been productive even though I have put off studying for the last 30 minutes to read other people's blogs... pathetic I know!

The day is gorgeous here in Texas and more than ever I am wishing we had a dog today that I could take to the dog park or go on a run with.  I guess I must continue being patient longer and eventually my hubby will get me a dog-- fingers crossed!

Oh a little update-- on Tuesday I had an unexpected interview with a great company in Fort Worth that I would love to work for!!  I went there to listen to a seminar that a friend was doing and then by the end of the day I left there with an interview under my belt.  Well I found out yesterday that the women who interviewed me were very impressed with me and absolutely loved me.  As of right now they are reviewing my resume and evaluating if I would be great for the position that needs to be filled.  I would so much love to work for this company, it would be my dream!  So anyone who reads this please pray that this is where God needs me to be to start my career and that I get this job with this amazing and God loving company!!  I will definitely post any updates I get about the job... fingers crossed :)

Well I guess studying is finally calling my name even though I do not want to!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday--- if you live in Texas get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather!!

"Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to walk through another day!"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Week Done!

Another week has come to an end... and I was ready for this school week to be over.  Even though this week seemed slower paced than usual, there were still so many things that occurred.  Some things that were great and exciting and I look forward to see how they pan out in life and there were other things that were more difficult for us to handle because we were not completely prepared for what was to come.   Though, the things that came our way this week Reagan and I did an incredible job of handling the good and bad together, and that is what I love most about being married to my sweet husband-- we know how to celebrate together and help each other work things out!  I am learning more each day how wonderful it is to live my life side by side with my husband...the support he provides me is an incredible thing.

We are looking forward to the nice weather in Texas this weekend!  I am so ready for spring weather to kick in all the way! Well I am off to start on some study guides I have for tests next week, finish my women's Bible study material, and get some laundry in the wash... and possibly a nap somewhere in there! haha. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow and enjoys this amazing weather!

"This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weather is Perfect!

The weather is perfect in Texas-- the sun is shining and it feels incredible outside!  Today more than ever I wish I had a dog to take on a walk; today is the perfect day for a walk!  This morning when I left to go to the gym I wish I would have decided to work outside instead, it was just so so beautiful!  I enjoy days like this when it means Spring is coming-- cannot wait to go to the lake and go swimming!  So glad God gave me such beautiful weather to enjoy!

So this morning I had to call TCU career services because when I went to register for my frog jobs account my major was not listed under my college.  When I spoke to the lady this morning she was so confused and couldn't believe it was not on there and said she would take care of it as soon as she could.  I was a little bummed because I needed to get my account done so that potential jobs could start looking at me.  I still have not heard back from the lady, so I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she just sends me an email when it is fixed.  Confession: I am freaking out about applying for jobs and getting a job.  I keep praying about it and I know that God does not want me to have a spirit of fear but this is such a nerve racking situation.  I want to make my husband proud, my parents proud and myself proud by getting the best job ever!  I know what my passion is and I just hope that I can fulfill that through whatever job I get.  So for anyone who reads this blog... put your feelers out!  I am a Bachelor of Science in Child Development major.  I would love to work for a children's charity, a non profit, or a children's hospital.  I would love to do event planning or project management with any of these companies-- but since my major is so versatile I would take anything!  So if you hear of any job opportunities please let me know!  Also, please pray that God places the right jobs in my life to apply to so that I can fulfill the passion He has placed inside of me-- and pray that I do not have fear about this situation but Confidence that my God will provide for my needs!

Well I am off to do some homework before class tonight, a little laundry and make dinner.  I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

"God thank you for the sunshine-- it makes me smile from the inside out!"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Call me Crazy!

So lately I have been wanting a dog more than anything in the entire world.  Reagan and I both love dogs and honestly I want one.  I hate spending time by myself when Reagan is at work and I think getting a puppy would be a great little friend for me.  Reagan thinks I am crazy since things did not work out with our first puppy Sadye... but I had to explain to him yet again she came from a crazy pet store that was mean to her... so that is not even fair about why we had to get rid of her.  Honestly, I wish I could snap my fingers and get a sweet little girl puppy.  I look on craigslist every day-- that is how bad I want a puppy.. ridiculous I know!  Seriously though I need something to put my time and energy into because I am so over this homework and school stuff!

image 2224658001-2
Seriously how cute is she?!  She will only be 5lbs--- she cannot get into that much trouble-- she is just way too adorable!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend with family... enjoy tonight before a crazy work week begins!

"A puppy is a girl's best friend, right?!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons I am Learning

So lately I have found that God is teaching me so many lessons.  It amazes me when I stop and realize all that I am learning these past couple of months.  I think the most important thing I am learning is that my whole life has to be given to God.  I know and trust my Lord, but in the past it has been easier for me to think that I can hold certain parts back from God.  I am learning that giving it all to God is so much more comforting and eases my fears so much more.

I have also learned that connecting with women can be a challenge unless you expose your insecurities.  This is very difficult for me, but I am learning that the more women see that my life is not perfect the easier it is for them to open up and be exposed.  This is also a challenge for me because I do not like exposing a lot of myself, but I know that in order to fulfill my ministry I need to allow myself to be open to others who are in need of a friend, confidant and someone to talk to.

In these past couple of months I have also learned what it means to be the wife that Reagan needs me to be.  I am learning how to be more patient with him, understanding of the things he is going through, and support him through all he is doing in life.  Each day I find myself growing more in love with him and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our incredible future!

Well lately since the weather has been so awesome outside it has put me in the mood for Spring.  So tonight I will be packing up all my winter clothes and taking down the spring and summer clothes.  I hope I do not regret this decision but I just cannot wear winter clothes anymore... spring please make your full appearance soon!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and recharges for the new week ahead!

"Learning Life Lessons are the most Beneficial Parts of Life."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prayer is a Powerful Thing

I feel like lately I have been in constant prayer for things that are happening around me that are out of my control.  I have found that the only way to calm my anxious and heavy heart is to go to God in prayer, because He knows all things, and how to work things for His good. Last night as I laid in bed with Reagan I prayed for every single thing that was heavy on my heart, it felt like my list kept going on and on.  Though, the most comforting thing for me last night was that God was attentively listening to my every prayer and the more I kept praying, the more He calmed my heart and allowed my mind to slow down and fall asleep with my husbands loving arms wrapped around me.  I will not say I slept perfect last night, I was definitely restless--- but I woke up this morning knowing that God is bigger than any problem and He will take care of all of those who are hurting... and that was definitely the comfort that I needed this morning.  All throughout today I have found myself stopping in prayer because when my mind starts to go in tons of different directions it is calming to give it God and let Him handle my fears.  I am so grateful for the mercies of my God and the peace He can give me that surpasses all things.

"Prayer is the is the most beautiful gift God has given us when we are in need of comfort."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just don't understand

I do not understand what is happening to the world around me-- it feels like every piece of the puzzle is falling a part and it is all happening so quickly.  I cannot make sense of the things that have happened lately in my life or Reagan's life.  The things we have had to endure as individuals and as a couple have been so incredibly hard that it makes me stand still just trying to figure out how we have made it through the past couple of weeks.  I feel like just when we think no more bad can come Satan throws another curve ball into our lives and affects those that we love the most. I sit here tonight speechless, my mind running 50,000 miles an hour and I still have no idea how the outcome of all the bad that is happening around us will turn out.  For once I wish God would give me a little glimpse into the future and show me the outcome of all these life events, but I know that will not happen and that I need to continue to be patient and allow God to walk me through these pains.  My prayer is that God will help me see the good through all the bad that is shining so brightly right now and will give me and Reagan strength to persevere.  I pray that if you read this blog that you will stop and pray-- even though you do not know what is going on and who is affected, just please pray because God will hear your prayers and He knows how to work all things for His good.  Exhaustion is taking over and I know that I need to allow my mind to shut off and go to God in prayer.  I pray that everyone sleeps well and looks to God for guidance and comfort for all things in life.

"My God is for us, then who can ever stop us... Nothing can stand against us."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trying My Best

So lately I have found myself doubting if my best is good enough in a lot of areas of life.  For those of you who know me I am a perfectionist in all areas of life, super OCD, and like things to be in order.  Well lately I just feel like my best has not been enough.  It is like I need more time in the day to actually feel good about all that I was able to accomplish during the day.  I feel like there is so much more I could do to be a better wife, a friend, and daughter.  I just find myself lately coming up short and feeling too tired to push myself like I once would do.  I blame this partially on life being so busy lately, overloaded with finishing school, and stressing about finding the perfect job for me once I graduate.  Though, as I read my devotion this morning I feel as if maybe God is telling me that right now trying my best in life is just enough-- that perfection is not attainable and I need to give myself a break sometimes.  I do not really know what God is really trying to teach me through this season of my life but I am trying my best to understand Him and learn from these experiences.  One thing I have learned is that lowering my expectations for people and life makes things so much better-- I once held my expectations too high and I found myself continually disappointed in myself and others... and that my friends was just way too unhealthy!  So I am learning-- this first year of marriage is teaching me so much I never thought I needed to work on or learn from... boy was I wrong and God has definitely let me know that in gentle ways.  I am grateful that God has been so graceful and persistent in teaching me the lessons I need to learn in my life at this time.  So just food for thought--- remember perfection is not worth stressing about to obtain, because no one is perfect in life and be happy with your faults-- they are beautiful!

"Life is full of faults, and just now I am learning how to embrace my faults daily."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sleep Will You Be Mine?

So this Valentine's Day was nothing special for the Farish household-- kinda morbid I know but we had celebrated this weekend since that was our free moment to celebrate. Reagan worked late tonight and I had night class... how romantic.  Both of us are exhausted, loaded down with so much to do, and just trying to catch a breath before we fall asleep standing.  It has been a very long past week (but I am so grateful I had him by my side), and this week started off exhausting so here is to hoping the week takes a turn and ends better than it started... to say the least we need a vacation away from everything, that would be amazing-- here is to wishful hoping!  It was nice having my hubby home once I got home from class-- even though we were both doing homework it was nice to have him here.  Love that man so much he is such a wonderful Godly man and I am amazed by him daily.  I cannot wait to just cuddle up with my sweet hubby and sleep-- I need about a whole day of sleep but that is not going to happen anytime soon!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day loving on their significant others; enjoy these precious moments with the ones you love.   I am going to try to finish up my homework so that I can get more than 6 hours of sleep tonight... WOOHOO that will be a record seriously, hasn't happen for quite some time! :(

"Love the ones God has blessed you with!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Little Cuties

So an update from last night before I talk about my little pre-k cuties from church.  We did not end up getting to go to the church Valentine's dinner.  One of the kids in our youth was in a very bad car accident and was airlifted to the trauma hospital in Ft. Worth.  So as soon as we found out the news we rushed over to the hospital.  Me being totally human right now, and a youth pastors wife I was bummed last night when I found out we were not going to the party.  I wanted to be with all our couple friends from church and have a good time.  Though, God taught me such an important lesson last night as I waited with the three families at the hospital, they needed me there more than I needed to be at that party.  They needed me to be there and pray with them, give them hugs, and reassure them that we were there for them.  Walking away from last night I saw in so many ways how God used me and I had to repent for my selfish ways of wanting to be at the party at first... it was only human I know but I am so glad I allowed God to fulfill His purpose through me last night.  I am learning that being a youth pastors wife is so difficult at times but also so humbling and I would not trade any moment of last night being there with those families and loving on them and praying with them, that is what I love most about this ministry that my husband and I are doing together.
We found out today that one of the boys broke his jaw and all the bones in his face... so they are trying to figure out what will be best in the healing process for him.  Nolan, the boy in our youth group has several stitches in his head and arm, has fluid in his pelvis and air trapped in one of his lungs so they are still monitoring him and keeping him for another night to keep a close watch on him.  The other boy that was in the backseat without his seat belt on is still in the ICU today but they have finally removed his breathing tube and he is breathing on his own.  They are still monitoring him for internal injuries and are not sure when he will get to leave.  Reagan and I will be going up there again tonight to just visit and see if they need anything, so I will post updates so you all will know how to pray.  Please keep praying for these families and for their sons recoveries.

On a happy note, I am in love with my pre-k class at church.  They make my heart smile and make me want to be a mommy so bad... I know my time will come and I am so excited for whenever God blesses our family in that way.  So today in class we learned about allowing God to help us see what are the right choices we should make for our life.  I got some adorable class pictures of all the kids and teachers in their glasses.  The kids thought it was awesome that me and one of the other teachers, Kristine wore glasses with them.  I dunno about Kristine but I had a blast sporting the glasses and laughing with the kids.  Here are a few pictures from today, absolutely love these cuties:

Here is my cute pre-k class sporting their glasses!

Me and one of the other lead teachers, Kristine-- We look so HOTT in these glasses! LOL :)

Me and one of my little love bugs from my pre-k class :)

These sweet kids definitely brighten my Sunday's and it is incredible to hear all that they are learning about God, makes my heart so so happy!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday with family... Reagan and I are off to our couples Bible Study!

"Thank you God for the blessings you have given me in my life, remind me to praise and thank You for them daily!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This morning I woke up with a hundred things on my mind... but one that kept pushing to the forefront of my mind was that I needed to start my day off right.  So I read my devotion for this morning and then I headed to the gym.  While at the gym, God kept bringing sweet friends into my mind-- at first I was like maybe I need to text them a word of encouragement for the day but God kept laying them on my heart.  So I decided to pray for them, I did not know what I needed to pray for exactly but I knew they needed prayer.  Praying on the elliptical this morning made those 30 minutes go by so fast but it made my heart also feel so good.  It is moments like these when I have 50 other things going through my head that God weighs so heavy on my heart and has other plans for how my mind should be thinking.  Moments like I had this morning I stand in awe at how amazing God is and I am truly humbled by the love He has given me to pour out to my friends, my husband and to my family.  I am learning that each day is a journey that is not always going to go my way, and for once I am learning to be okay with that and allow God to really show me what needs to happen and what really should be important in my life.  God's grace definitely humbles me time and time again and for that I am so thankful that He gently reminds me about the beautiful things in life and the things that truly matter and deserve focus in my life.

Also, last night's date night was absolutely wonderful.  We ended up going to Cheese Cake Factory which was delicious and I have been wanting to go there for some time, and then we went and saw the new movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler-- definitely a must see... it was hilarious and we will definitely be purchasing it once it comes out on DVD.  I loved last night so much, just being able to be with my husband and spend time with him and talk about everything under the sun.  It definitely made for the best first Valentine's date together as a married couple :)

Tonight, we will be attending our church Valentine's dinner for couples.  Reagan and I are excited to go to spend time with so many of the sweet couples we have become such good friends with.  I love these nights where we get to love on other couples and enjoy their company-- such a good time!  I will definitely post the one picture from last night (since we forgot the camera in the car) and pictures that we take tonight! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday night and is thankful for the blessings they have in their life.  I am off to get ready for the event and wait for my handsome hubby to get home!

"Lord thank you for showing me where my mind and heart needed to be this morning, I am humbled by your direction for my life and how much you love me."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Night!

Woohoo Reagan and I are going on a date tonight for Valentine's day!  Yes we are celebrating a little early, but we learned our lesson last year when we went out on Valentine's day... it was pure madness to say the least...and this semester I have night class on Monday so it kinda cancels out going out that night.  So I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going, it is all a surprise.  I really do not like surprises but Reagan loves surprising me so I put on an excited face for him instead of driving myself crazy trying to figure out where we are going.  I am looking forward to spending the night with him, just the two of us and enjoy each others company!  It is the little things like tonight that make me fall in love with my hubby all over again.  He is such an amazing man who loves making me feel special, and I definitely do when I am with him!  Well I need to start getting ready, my sweet hubby will be home soon!  I will definitely take lots of pictures and post them soon!  I hope everyone has a wonderful night, and enjoy relaxing with the ones you love!
Cannot believe this picture is from our Valentine's date 2 years ago-- crazy to think all the years we dated we would finally reach marriage and spend a Valentine's date together as a married couple... such an absolute blessing!

"Love is such a special thing, it captivates my heart every time I see him smile."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Week is Finally Over

So I took my lovely marriage and family test this morning, and who knows how that went!  I studied hard for that test and it definitely turned out to be more confusing than I thought it should be... all I can say to that is oh well and I will learn from my mistakes and do better next time. But seriously that class should not be as hard as the professor makes it. That is what confuses me about this class, it is on such wonderful topics-- marriage and family but the information she presents is so difficult, who would have ever thought!
Since that test is finally over and my last class is almost over, the weekend is here.  I have so much to do this weekend.  I need to finish a paper, study for a test I have on Wednesday, and get things around the house done.  I feel like life is non-stop!  Thankfully someone reminded me today that there is only 4 weeks till Spring Break which means I am that much closer to graduating!  Seriously I cannot wait :)
Tonight, I am also going to get frozen yogurt with one of my cute pre-k girls from church- she is so excited and I am very excited too!  She is so precious and so is her family-- she makes me want to have a little girl so bad one day!
I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!  My to do list is calling my name and so is the gym and possibly a nap! :)

"I need a break from life-- but I know that My Jesus can get me through anything life pushes my way."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up & Being Productive

So yet again God has given us beautiful snow and ice which means no school or work.  I am using this day as a catch up day, and that is greatly needed in my life right now.  This week has been so crazy busy with so many unexpected things that I am very grateful I have this break in the middle of the week to get ready for my big test tomorrow and just process through life. 
I received some great advice from a friend on my blog the other day... she said marriage comes with arguments but how you work through them is what makes you stronger. I needed to hear this, because once Reagan and I were able to process through the decisions we needed to make to be able to move forward Satan just got shoved out of the way.  We each had to humble ourselves and say ok this is how I feel and this is my heart.  Knowing each others hearts made it so much easier to move forward because in the end, our hearts wanted the same thing it was just not being spoken in the same way.  Crazy how sometimes you get to the end of an argument and you were agreeing with each other all along... this is definitely part of the learning process in our marriage!  Though, I am grateful for arguments like these to where we can learn to better humble ourselves, move forward together and grow in our marriage--- being able to do this creates a foundation for a marriage that is strong.  So thank goodness God gives us so much grace, because our marriage is not perfect and there are definitely things we have to work through the hard way to better understand how to be a married team!  I am so grateful for the difficult lessons God teaches me because it is helping me to be a better wife each day.

Well since this day is all about getting things done I must start my to do list so that I can be super productive today and be prepared for this test tomorrow!  I hope everyone stays warm-- it is Freezing outside, way too cold for Texas!

"For this is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This week has taken everything out of me and it is only Tuesday.  I need to make it to Thursday.  I have a test on Thursday and then I feel like my brain can finally shut down for one minute before I have to start all the other things on my to do list.  Not only has school overwhelmed me this week but life has just hit Reagan and I in the face.  I honestly hate when that happens, and I hate the arguments that it brings about-- but I am learning that is part of marriage the good and the bad and it cannot always be good all the time.  So to say the least I need a break- I need time to process everything that has happened thus far this week and ask God to give me strength to make it to Thursday at noon.  So if you read this be in prayer for me to have strength and for Reagan and I to work through the ugly problems that Satan has surfaced in our marriage.  In the end I know it will all be ok and God has this all worked out, but I hate confrontation and I absolutely cannot stand to argue about things with my husband; so my prayer is that God gives us direction and wisdom to move forward and make these decisions together for these hard choices that we have been given.

Also, be in prayer for a family that goes to our church.  There husband/ dad passed away on Saturday and the funeral is tonight.  So glad he got to go be with Jesus instead of being in pain here on earth, but please be praying for his kids, wife and family as they work through this tragic loss.

"Life is hard, but with perseverance and the strength God has given me I will be okay because I am safe in His hands."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Then two became one...

So  this morning I woke up to an empty bed.  Secretly I was hoping that my hubby would still be here when I rolled over this morning... though when I woke up I was very disappointed because he was not there which meant the store was open.  The sun has come out and it has started to warm up some and the snow has begun to melt, which means that Carmax was open today and Reagan had to go to work.  Let me just say, I got spoiled this week.  It was an absolute treat having him to myself every day this week with no where to go.  We made up for so much quality time that we have missed out on since we have been so busy lately.  It was just so nice to not have a care in the world this week since we were iced and snowed in and it just allowed us to focus on each other, talk, be silly with each other, watch movies together-- it was the most perfect week ever.  Though, now I am sad that he is not here and I am home alone till late tonight since the store has not been opened all week, it will be open late tonight due to the crazy weather we had this week-- which means he will work late since he has not gotten to make a sale all week (part of me is ok with this because he is doing what he has to do to provide for us, but the other part of me is being a little selfish and I want him home so that we can spend more time together). 

Since he is not home today I guess that means that I need to finish the last couple loads of laundry, and do homework/studying that I have put off all week because spending quality time with my husband was more important than anything on my to do list.  I definitely realized this week that I take too much for granted, and that sometimes I just need to stop no matter how much homework I have or how busy life is and spend time investing in our relationship-- because in the end the relationship I have with my husband is all that really matters.  So I sit here smiling this morning because I think God knew I needed to learn a little lesson with all this snow and ice, I needed to learn that it is not so important if all my things are checked off my list; it is more important to cherish the sweet moments I have with my husband.  So in the months to come till graduation I am going to remind myself frequently of this snow week and how incredible it felt to not have a care in the world and be curled up in my husbands arms loving every second of the time we were spending together.  Note to self- this does not mean that I am going to slack off for the next couple of months till graduation but I am going to allow myself breaks to just curl up in the arms of my husband and appreciate life's little blessings.  I hope everyone has a productive Saturday since the snow is melting and we can all get out and about!  Remember to enjoy the little things in life, because at the end of the day the checklist really is not that important!

I will leave you with this sweet picture of Reagan and I from our wedding day-- our expressions say it all, life is so much better with him by my side and being married to him has been the best gift God has given me thus far!

"God help me to remember to stop and appreciate the little things in life that You have given me that bring so much joy to my life."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful Snow!

What could make this week home with my hubby even better... SNOW!! We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.  We have at least 4 inches of snow on the ground, possibly more-- and the snow keeps falling.  After breakfast this morning we bundled up and ventured out in the snow!  Today for the first time ever I saw a true snowflake, crazy I know!  But Reagan had a black jacket on when we were outside and I saw a snowflake fall on to his jacket, I was in amazement.  It was so tiny and perfect, I stared at it in awe because God is so amazing, and something as simple as a snowflake reminded me of all His wonderful creations! 
Today we had a couple snowball fights, we made snow angels, and Reagan wanted to make a snowman but I am a wimp and was freezing and did not have the right gloves to roll the snow (mine are cloth and they were getting soaked) so we decided to make a drive to Bed Bath and Beyond (right around the corner from our house) to see if they were open so that we could return our broken blender!  Luckily they were open and Reagan found a blender that he liked and the store was so sweet and allowed him to exchange it, so he is a happy camper yet again!  Well I guess it is movies again for us today, a little bit of laundry, and watching the snow fall outside our window!  So crazy that this week has been so cold and now there is beautiful snow!!  Enjoy this time playing in the snow (if you have any) and have a wonderful weekend with family!

These are the wonderful snow angels that we made today... it was so cold to lay in the snow while making them, but it was definitely something fun today and something we will remember as our first winter together!

"God you are so amazing, and Your beautiful tiny snowflake that I saw today reminded me to stand still,  capture the moment, and be in awe of my Creator!"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Iced in Day 3

So this morning we slept in again and decided to get up and make breakfast for each other.  This morning we made citrus peel and cranberry sugar free muffins with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon... it was delicious and for being sugar free muffins they were amazing!!  Then after breakfast, we cleaned up a little around the house and then got ready for the day because we decided we were going to venture out in the explorer.  We needed to go out and pick up our pay checks and while we were out we decided we would meet our sweet friends Justin and Caty for lunch at Chick-fil-A! It was so yummy and it was so nice to see friends since we have been stuck in the house for several days. After we were done eating at Chick-fil-A the guys thought they would go outside and run up the hill to go to Walgreens and return a redbox we had rented several days ago.  It was hilarious to try and see them get up the icy hill, they were slipping and sliding all over the place and people inside of the restaurant were laughing at them.  It was definitely a "bromance" moment between Reagan and Justin and something they felt they had to do to prove their manhood in crazy icy weather like this!  Once we were done with lunch Reagan and I headed to the bank to deposit checks and pay our rent.  While we were out today though we saw an 18 wheeler that had veered off the highway headed to Midlothian due to the icy roads, so scary!  Reagan kept telling me that he was glad he was driving on our outing because if I was we would have already hit a lot of stuff... haha! We are now home, trying to get warm and wondering if we should nap or watch another movie!  Life has been so nice and restful these past couple of days and we absolutely have enjoyed every minute of it.  Oh also-- for dinner tonight I am making shredded chicken avocado enchiladas... YUM-- and for dessert we are headed to Blue Heaven Yogurt Company to get some frozen yogurt since I have not had some all week!  I hope everyone stays safe today and keeps warm!

"On days like today, it is the simple things in life that make me smile-- friends, laughter, and my sweet hubby!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Adventure Outside!

Well here at the Farish house, the snow has kept us bundled inside yet again.  We both enjoyed sleeping in this morning and making yummy panini's for lunch!  After lunch, Reagan was getting antsy and wanted to go outside. As I said yesterday, we tried to venture out last night but we only made it to the front of our complex because it was so so cold outside!  Though today, we bundled up even more and we decided we were going to make the trek to the Target in front of our complex so that we could get some sugar free dark hot chocolate-- yummy.  I know it does not sound the best but it is actually really good and since it is sugar free, dark chocolate, and less than 12 ounces I do not have to count it as a cheat for the challenge... or at least I do not think it is a cheat.  Well we definitely did get our hot chocolate, but we also ended up with egg nogg ice cream for Reagan, frozen sugar free yogurt for me (please don't be a cheat because the raspberry yogurt actually looks good), and sugar free orange cranberry muffins.  If you can tell we are on a sugar free kick at our house, because I told Reagan while I am doing this challenge he is not allowed to endure fried foods or sugar around me.  He has been a good sport about it, other than forgetting the other night and ate a whole bag of almond m&ms in front of me... it was hard to refrain but I definitely did!  So now we are sipping on our hot coco, about to do some homework, and then make grilled salmon and garlic new potatoes and green beans for dinner--- YUMMM!  I hope everyone is staying warm on this icy day, and is enjoying time at home with the family!  Stay warm and bundled and enjoy all this snuggling time with the ones you love :)

As you can tell we are super cold, but excited for our hot coco--- the wind chill here makes it only about 5 degrees outside, BRR!

"God thank you so much for this time at home-- it has been a blessing getting to laugh and have quality time with my husband.  I am so so grateful!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another snow day, yes please!

Reagan and I get another snow day again tomorrow... let's just saw we are so darn excited!!  Today has been perfect... we have just been cuddled up on the couch watching movies and talking.  I should have done more homework, but I couldn't pass up spending time with my sweet hubby!  Tonight after dinner we got a little stir crazy and decided to venture out and see how bad the weather was outside.  Let's just say we slipped multiple times trying to get to the front of our townhouse complex.  We at first thought we could walk to the Target that is right across the street from us, but the weather was so cold and frigid we could only make it to the front of our townhouse and we had to come back home!  Seriously it feels like it is negative degrees outside with the windchill!  We did get a couple pictures to document our first snow together... sorry for the sloppiness of us-- we have been lounging in our house all day!  Excited to stay home with my hubby yet again tomorrow... though we both need to get more homework done than we did today!  Yay for sleeping in, more snuggling, watching movies, and oh yes.. a little homework-- I will make sure we get around to that tomorrow!  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and stay warm and bundled if you have snow!

The ice and snow we are standing on right outside our house!

We look like puffy marsh-mellows... it was so cold outside we each had about three layers on just to stay warm! :)

"Today is a day I will always remember... such sweet memories were made!"

Snow Day :)

My snow dance worked yet again, and Reagan and I are getting to spend a cozy day at home together!!  He made me breakfast this morning, and we just sat and talked... it was so nice to not be in a hurry! There is nothing  better than sitting on the couch snuggling with my hubby as we listen to sleet hit the window and watch the snow fall. To say the least, I am so grateful for this day home with my hubby!  Even though we are going to have to do some homework today and get things done, it is just so nice to be in our home together and have no where to go.  Oh the little things in life that I appreciate the most.  Well I am off to spend some more time with the hubby, and possibly watch a movie.  Sometimes I wish I could call a snow day at least once a week so we could just stop and spend quality time like this together, gosh I wish life was not so busy!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I know I will all cuddled up and cozy at home... nothing could be better :)

"So grateful for moments like these where I can stop and appreciate the gifts God has given me."