Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Saturday, July 31, 2010

TCAL Summer Camp 2010!!

This year for TCAL youth camp we went to Baylor University to attend a student life camp.  A lot of us did not know what to expect because we had never been to this camp but God definitely knew what was going to happen!
The weeks sermons were incredible and the kids really seemed to take a lot out of them.  The life verse for the week was Micah 6:8!!  It was awesome to see how many of our students were moved this week.
Youth camp was amazing for our youth-- it bonded us together like I have never experienced before.  God was really working on the hearts of our youth this week.
The Youth Girls Motto for the week at camp was: DO IT SCARED!  Life is not easy and there are so many things we have to do--- but knowing we can do it scared and God will always be with us is the most overwhelming feeling ever!
God really showed me how I could be a servant for these students this week and how I needed to be used as the youth pastors wife.
There were many times I stood back in awe amazed at the changes God was making in the hearts of our students.  It was also incredible to see that God knew each student and leader needed to be there--- my God is incredible.
Not only as youth but as leaders we are more bonded together.  We allowed God to move in us and He did a mighty work in us.
Thank you God for allowing me to be used by You this week so that I could help impact the lives of students; I am humbled by your grace each day.

"Savior He can move the mountains, my God is Mighty to Save He is Mighty to Save..."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cooking and Cleaning Cleanses the Soul

So today was get ready for camp day and organize; I was so ready to tackle this day!  The morning started off with me heading to Target to pick up some things for camp-- I needed sun screen, face wash, and a tooth brush cover.  Little did I know that my "quick trip" to Target would turn into an hour and a half of browsing.  Honestly, there is just something about Target and it pulls me in every time.  I got everything I needed on my list, but then I went and browsed at the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and then I was on a mission to find another book (that is all I do in the summer is read, so if anyone has some good books they have read let me know the titles!!).  I browsed the book isles for what seemed like forever and I thought I had found a good one but in the end I put it back because I had never really read anything by the author. Then, on my way out I got sucked in by the organizational isle and the pretty folders and notebooks-- seriously sometimes I feel like I have ADD in Target because I want to look at everything and I want one of everything!!
While I was picking the folders I wanted this year for school and my spirals my pastor's wife, Shannon ran into me-- not literally but we stopped and talked for a bit.  She was getting grocery items and I really couldn't say what I was getting since I had browsed so long and kinda forgot what my mission was... HAHA!

Once everything was bought, I headed home to organize.  I got this really cool grocery magnet thing that goes on the fridge-- it will be really helpful for Reagan because once he realizes we are out of something he can just put a check and how many of that item we need!  I love making it easier for him and easier on me when I go grocery shopping!!!  After hanging my cute little grocery list thingy I headed into the office to organize and go through my things.  I love throwing stuff away-- so cleaning and getting rid of stuff from last semester felt so good!  Once that chore was done I headed upstairs to my closet to sort through and organize my jewelry.  It has really been bugging me how cluttered it was-- so the job got done today and it looks beautiful-- all color coordinated and organized by style!

After my cleaning jobs where done, I was in the middle of folding Reagan's clean laundry when I decided I would pack for camp for him.  He has been busy at work all day today and I thought to myself this is the least I can do for my hubby to show how much I appreciate him.  So I packed pretty much everything I think he needs for camp--- from gym type clothes, to outfits for worship, to socks and undies, and a bathing suit for dirty games!  This was my give back to him, now all he has to do is put it in a bag and add what he needs!  I love my hubby and it felt good doing this for him!

Dinner is cooking as we speak-- whole wheat pasta topped with a tomato basil and mushroom sauce, baked chicken, peas and garlic bread!  Well my hubby is home now and it is time for us to enjoy dinner and relax!

"Simple things for others-- show leaps and bounds of LOVE."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh Praise Him

So this morning I was dreading getting out of bed,  I still had that tired feeling in my body that I just couldn't shake.  Though when I finally made it out of bed then I dreaded putting on my workout clothes to go to the gym.  I am really not sure why I did not want to go this morning, but I just didn't.  When I made it down stairs I was in slow mode-- I could not get going, and I ate my honey nut cheerios even slower.  Once I was done, I read my devotional before the gym hoping that it would give me the motivation I needed.
The overall message for my devotional today was-- Take time to Praise God even in the busy day to day life.  I sat there and thought on this and was like hmmm how can I do this better and I really could not think of anything at the moment.  So I decided I needed to get my butty moving and head to the gym!

Once I got to the gym I stared at the treadmill with dread-- I did not want to get on.  Though in the back of my mind I was trying to think of how best I could give God my praise even when I am so busy and not in the best of moods.  So, I went to put my iPhone on Pandora-- and instead of it being on the hip- hop channel it is usually on for the gym, it was on one of my praise and worship stations.  I had changed the station the other day when I was watching Emmy and putting her to sleep, and I completely forgot that I hadn't changed it back to my workout station.

I decided to leave it on my praise and worship station--- and WOW what an encouragement.  Do you ever have those days where all the songs you hear God knew you needed to hear.  It was song after song on this Pandora station that I was like WOAH, it almost moved me to tears because even though I had had a not so "go get it attitude" this morning and wasn't really sure how to apply my devotion better to my life-- God knew and was like-- Ashley this is what I need you to hear right here and right now. It was in these moments that I felt like my devotion was coming to play in my life-- and even though I wanted to go full force at the gym to boost my energy God had other plans for how to FILL ME UP!  So as I was working out today I couldn't contain my smile because God was using those songs to move through me.  I was hoping that people around me could see that God had moved me from the inside out in just a matter of 15 minutes-- He is incredible.

The whole rest of my workout, I used that hour and thirty minutes to reflect and pray for the things that were on my heart.  To thank God for the things He has given me and my wonderful husband, and to push my worries and fears aside and tell God thank you for having my life in your hands.

God amazes me in the ways He works- or where He chooses to move my heart.  All in all, this morning ended up being one of the most incredible workouts I have had in a while.  God gave me that "pick me up" that I definitely needed from the time I rolled out of bed-- and couldn't get my mood or energy in check.  God you never cease to amaze me, thank you for knowing what I need for my life even when I don't.

So to say the least my mood has been boosted a 110% and I still have my christian Pandora station going-- The artist is Hillsong United for anyone who needs to be uplifted today.  The music on that station today has been incredible!  God you are good always, thank you for your new mercies everyday!!

I now need to make my way to the shower-- because I smell like sweat and disgustingness (if that is even a word, if not I made it up because that is definitely how I feel right now!).  After the shower, it is getting into camp mode.  I am NOT a last minute packer, so I need to start getting my stuff together today so that I can have time to go through my packing routine--- yes I am ridiculous but it's things and routines like this in my life that have kept me sane!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day-- and allows their hearts to be filled by God so that in return you can give Him all the praise.

"Giving Praise is not only done by speech or song --- but it is in full motion when we allow our Hearts to be open and moved by Him so that we can be refueled by His Truth."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Season of Life

I am in this season of life that there are things I cannot wrap my mind around.  I do not understand how some people can choose to not help others when they are hurting or in need, or how life opportunities can pass us by each day in the blink of an eye. I do not understand how life can seem great on the outside, but on the inside it's a crazy ride.  I do not understand how one person can sacrifice everything they have to do good deeds and put their best efforts into something but never be thanked for all their hard work. 

Life is hard, and I am learning that more and more each day.  I am also learning that not every human is wired how I am.  That not everyone thinks, feels, and loves like I do.  For me, when I see someone in need I start praying for them immediately and my heart wants to help them as much as I can.  Lately, I have really been allowing God to use me for what He needs to use me for-- whether that is being a leader at church camp, opening up to the girls at youth group, or allowing myself to be vulnerable so that those around me can see that I have flaws and that I am bruised and broken but have prevailed because I have allowed God to carry me through.  I understand how important it is for people to have it all together for those they come in contact with but deep down they want to cry out and spill all their life problems.  Most of all I understand how following a dream can lead to disappointments and hurt.  I understand it all because I have walked through those valleys, and now more than ever I am in a season in my life where I want God to help me understand.  I want God to fill my valley full so that I can be standing on top of a mountain with the high points of life insight.

Though, what keeps me going each day to climb out of my valley and up the mountain is knowing that God understands EVERYTHING that is happening.  Also, God lets me know it is okay to grieve when I am troubled and sad, but that through all my tears, worry and concern He will bring me joy and fulfillment.
I know I do not have all the answers to life, or all the answers to my husbands questions but for today I am okay with not knowing --- because what I do know is that I have a husband who loves and adores me, a God who takes care of and meets my every need, and a family who is always there for me.
Life is complicated-- though I am realizing that I have to allow myself to experience hurt at times so that I can experience the overwhelming joys in life.  God never intended for life to be easy because if it was we would never turn to Him to have all our needs met-- THANK you Lord for being an All Mighty God.

This is the truth I am standing on today: GOD makes ALL things work together for my GOOD.

"Prayer: When Life Gets Too Hard to Stand, Kneel."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of those Days

Today is just one of those days where my mind is all over the place, my heart is heavy, and I am a little down and out.  I know exactly why I feel this way but it is so hard to put into words.  I do not understand how friends trust can be broken after all you have been through, how people can not forgive you and move on, and that confrontation is something that continually has to happen in life when I HATE it so much.
I know that when I am at fault for something it makes my heart hurt and is so heavy.  So I apologize and apologize and keep apologizing.  Though, at times I feel I am not the only one who needs to apologize ALL the time.
I honestly do not like arguing-- it makes me nervous, and fighting with people makes my stomach all in knots.
Though, when I read my devotion this morning it was talking about how that every circumstance that happens in your life, allow yourself to put your feelings aside and see what God is trying to teach you.  Right now from all the people problems I am enduring I have no idea what God is trying to teach me.  Is He trying to teach me the characteristics of a Godly friend, or how in my own life I should be quick to forgive and allow my heart to move on?  I honestly do not know, though I do know that I am not the only one that endures hardships with friends- but I think in my life when they do occur, I worry and take on all the burden which I probably should not do but I just cannot stand it when my friends are upset with me or upset in general-- it just puts me in a very nerve racking place.  To top it all off I know I should not worry and that God has everything under control but that is definitely easier said than done at times for me.  Though, this summer I have been working on giving everything to God so that I do not have to be burdened by my worries.  Though, it is times like these when I wonder what I could have said or done differently so that there is not conflict between me and my friends.
Also, it is hard hearing that time heals all wounds--- because I want the situation to be better NOW.  So I can see God is trying to teach me patience too. If I could make it all better and not have to go through all these trials, I would close my eyes and go back to the way things used to be.  But, maybe this is God showing me that things weren't the way He wanted them before and thus change needed to occur for healthier relationships to blossom.  I really do not know, I am just ready to learn and embrace the lessons God is trying to teach me right now and move on --- because when I can feel at peace with my friends life is so much better.

On a happier note, today is my WONDERFUL and AMAZING Dad's BIRTHDAY!!! I love him so so much and I am sending him ALL my love on his birthday!

"Each day we endure new journey's, some that we understand and others that we don't. Though, the things we learn along our journey's is what allows us to be molded into the person He needs us to be."

Monday, July 19, 2010


OH Laundry, how I loathe you.  I love how doing laundry can calm my nerves, and I love the smell of fresh clothes.  Though, I hate it when I have tons to do, or when my husband forgets to tell me his laundry basket is spilling over.  Monday's are chore days- and with being gone since Thursday my chores definitely piled up!!  I had errands to run this morning, still waiting for a phone call from the TCU help desk, laundry in the wash and dryer, and a little cleaning here or there to do.  To top it all off, I don't really have much motivation to do house chores today.
Since this past Thursday I hung out with my mom-- it was the best thing ever.  Oh how I miss my mom!  We went shopping, had lunch dates, finished decorating our townhouse and just caught up with each other.  I forget how incredible my moms laugh is, and I got to hear a lot of it this past weekend and she just made me laugh!  One day, I hope that when Reagan and I start having kids we can live closer to my parents.  I miss them like crazy and it's weird not being so close to them.  Here is to wishful hoping that one day our families will all live close to one another again!
I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner tonight.  Grilled stuffed chicken sounds good-- I just yet again have no motivation to get up and start preparing for dinner... yes it is only 2pm but I need to start marinating my chicken.  I think I am having a lazy day today because this weekend was so packed with family fun!!
Well another load of laundry is dry -- which means there is folding to be done and another load to go in the dryer and washer!  It seems like this laundry is never going to end!!!
"Time well spent on the important things, makes life that much more worth living."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Excited :)

I am so excited, my family is coming TODAY!!! I am getting so anxious for them to get here!  They are such incredible people.  I look forward to just hanging out with them, having fun, and making memories! Along with my family, my mom's best friend Kim (who is my second mother) is coming too!  It is going to be a blast!
On this little trip to Dallas they are also bringing a lot of our gifts that have been delivered to my parents house in San Antonio.  Reagan told me this morning he does not know how one more thing can fit in this house but I know that my mom and Kim will definitely make it work!
While they are here we are going to have a girls day--- I have needed one of those for a while now and then starting Friday we are going to stay at the Gaylord Texan.  Also I am so excited because my dad is also going to get to come later in the weekend, I am so pumped-- I am such a daddy's girl!
Well I need to go pick up the house a little bit and get ready for my family!  I cannot wait to recap the next couple of days with them!

Oh side note, you definitely need to read Proverbs 31 blog this morning, so encouraging and just amazing words of God were spoken. 
Here is the link for anyone who would like to read : http://proverbs31devotions.blogspot.com/
It is just an awesome way to start your day, and I love the daily encouragement they bring to me!!

"Family is the Foundation of Happiness."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun with Friends

This weekend was unplanned fun and I love moments like that!  We just enjoyed good friends, food and wonderful conversations! :)

On Saturday night we went to downtown Dallas to have dinner with Reagan's old roommate Nathaniel and his girlfriend Lindsey.  We went to chili's downtown, because since I have gotten married I have found awesome dinner deals on coupons.com and I had received a free chips and queso for the night.  To say the least our little dinner party was very happy!  After dinner we had wanted to see a movie, but all the movie times were super late and Reagan had to be up early the next morning for work at the church.  So we headed to Starbucks for a little coffee and then we went to the Indie Movie Theatre in Downtown Dallas.  Sadly when we got there the movies for the present time were not any that we were interested in.  So we ended up trying to go to a place where the guys could play pool but when we got there all the pool tables were full!  So we all parted ways and Lindsey and I vowed we would plan the next double date events so that after dinner plans did not fall through.  Our men did the best they could with the last minute plans --- we are proud of their attempts!

On Sunday, we had church and then we came home and had sandwiches for lunch.  A little while after we got home Jace and Karlie stopped by to see what we were up to.  I just love hanging out and talking with those two, they are such a wonderful couple!  We all decided that we would go see a Sunday afternoon movie--- TOY STORY 3 -- if you have not seen it, it is a must- it brings back so many childhood memories!  After the movie we decided we would do a dinner date together back at our house and all cook dinner together!  For dinner we made pizza.  Karlie and Jace made pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza and Reagan and I made half pepperoni and mushroom (Reagan's half) and I made a veggie pizza on my side.  For dessert, Jace made us apple and peach cobbler pie, which was so delicious!!  It was so awesome to make dinner with them, talk about life, and just hang out with each other.  What could be better than good food and good friends --- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

On Sunday night, we met up with Ross and Audra (another beautiful couple we are friends with)!  They are so much fun and we are so glad that we finally got to hang out with them!! We went to Dallas and hung out at this fun restaurant there.  Reagan sang karaoke- my husband is fearless, and we just sat around, talked and listen to other crazy people sing karaoke-- some that were really good others that were not!  We had so much fun just laughing and hanging out with them. All the way home Reagan was telling me how much he cannot wait to hang out with them again--- my husband loves his bro Ross. HAHA.

This morning the house chores are in effect.  The dishwasher has been unloaded, sheets and towels are being washed, and clothes are next.  There is something about washing clothes-- I find it so soothing, weird I know but I don't mind washing and folding clothes!
My goals for today are: do my morning devotional, finish house stuff, have dinner ready by the time Reagan gets home from work (whatever time that is), and go workout with my Hubby!

Oh and on a HAPPY note, Reagan and I have been married for a month --- WOOHOO!  It has been a wonderful month and I can't wait for many more months to come!!! :)  I love my Hubby so so much! 

"The Sun is Shining, my Heart is Smiling."

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last night Reagan and I did not have much to do, or maybe we just didn't have the willpower to go and do anything.  He got home late from running errands and trying to get the AC in his car fixed.  All day yesterday I could not seem to get motivated -- I was having a lazy day listening to the rain, reading my book and not wanting to cook dinner. So when he walked in the door at 7pm  I had nothing ready for dinner... oops. Luckily we had leftover lasagna so he had that, and I snacked -- I just was not really hungry for anything. 

Last night we also had the talk about what part time job would be best for him, it was a hard talk but one that needed to be had.  Currently he just received a job with Carmax and will start working with them Monday, but he also has some other job interviews later this month so he is also going to go to those to see if there is anything better out there-- we both agreed this was a very wise decision.

So after he finished his dinner, I finished snacking, and our convo was over we both decided we would spend our Friday night at the gym working out since both of us had planned to go but never got around to it.  I wasn't too thrilled that we were working out on a Friday night but it turned out to be really good. Once we were done working out we headed back home in the rain --- Reagan made his protein shake and I started snacking again, I just didn't have an appetite. Once we were both showered and cleaned up from the gym we came to the living room and started lounging. 

Earlier in the week Reagan and I had talked about how we really wanted to start making a better effort at reading the Bible together.  So last night was our first attempt since we had gotten married and it went beautifully. Reagan decided that we should start by reading the book of Philippians- which is one of my favorite books in the Bible.  Last night we read chapter one which was talking about Paul praying for the people of Philippi.  All throughout this chapter it was so evident that Paul was so selfless.  He was praying in prison for others, not worrying about the situation he was in.  He was making sure that God was glorified in everything he did.  That was incredible to me!  I tried to think how many times I pray selflessly for the people I love --- it is hard, because I always seem to pray for the things I need or for my family, instead of praying on behalf of those who God places on my mind.

As we finished our Bible time together I told Reagan that I want to learn to become more selfless -- whether that be in prayer, daily life, or in my character.  I told him I really wanted to capture some of the characteristics Paul had for his own life.

So my challenge is that we all take a look at our lives, evaluate whether we are really living our lives in a way that brings complete Glory and Honor to God --- and then in everything you do; prayer, character, actions -- be selfless and bring all the Praise back to God for giving you another day to share the amazing things He has done.

"When you allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone, you begin to see miraculous changes happen in the lives of others you love."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Perfection" is Unattainable

So our first out of town guest came for dinner tonight. Reagan's dad, Bob, was in Dallas for business and Reagan offered for him to come over for dinner. I found out Sunday night he would be coming for dinner and as the days went by I got more nervous about his visit. I was worried about the meal I was going to cook, how the house looked, and that everything went smoothly. I don't know why I was so nervous for his visit; his dad and I have always had a good relationship with each other so there should have been nothing for me to worry about! I started cleaning our townhouse on Tuesday, yes I know that probably sounds ridiculous but I wanted the house to look "perfect." I intensely cleaned baseboards and all! Then, I decided to do another cleaning of the townhouse this morning, I know call me crazy but I felt it just didn't look clean enough! I was so nervous about cooking dinner too, and I cook for Reagan and I almost every night! Since I was so nervous about cooking Reagan helped me get the lasagna together very late last night--- this turned out to be a really fun experience, we laughed together as we put the lasagna together late last night. We just kept laughing because we could not get over the fact that we were making lasagna at 11:30 at night!

Once the house was cleaned to my standards today, I tried relaxing but a part of me just couldn't wait to get the night started. Once Reagan's dad got here my nervousness subsided somewhat. It was so good to have him here in Dallas seeing our home for the first time. Our dinner menu for the night was: Caesar salad, lasagna, fresh green beans, pesto garlic French bread, and peanut butter puddles for dessert --- delicious (got the recipe off Pillsbury!). It was so nice to get to visit with his dad and just hear how life has been since we got married, and to relive wedding night memories!

After his dad left, we were sad to see him go! A part of me was very jealous that he would be going back to San Antonio tomorrow where he would see all our family--- my parents included--- I miss them so so much!

Though after he left, I realized why I was so nervous for his visit. I was being protective of the place Reagan and I have created for each other that we call HOME. I know that sounds so weird, but I didn't want him to think badly of where we live or how we have chosen to live our lives as a married couple --- and we don't live in a bad place or do crazy things with our marriage-- I am just protective of US! I am protective of my husband, our home, and the life we have made with each other. Looking back on the evening, nothing had to be "perfect" because seriously what is "PERFECT" anyways?! All his dad wanted was to spend the evening with us and relish in the fact that we were married and happy!

With this in mind, I am a little more at ease having people over. I can't worry about what other people think of my home, if the food doesn't taste good, or if the conversation was pleasant --- all I can worry about is that the time spent with the people who come to our home was meaningful. It was so good to see his dad and hug his neck and hear him say "I have missed y'all so much, and love y'all so much." I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think, and be happy and content with what God has given me and the Love my husband has for me.

All in all tonight was incredible, and it was so good to be with family! Slowly but surely I am learning that life is not perfect and that people are coming to see us --- not how perfect our house is or how amazing the dinner tastes! I pray God continues to break me of my worry and my needing to seek approval from those that matter the most to me. Lord help me to remember that I find my satisfaction in You, and all I need is your love and approval of my life.

"Striving for perfection is what squelches ones happiness in life."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jesus Bring the Rain

The rain is rolling in, and that is the most amazing sound ever.  I can hear the thunder rumbling --- and that shouldn't be a comforting feeling, but it is because it just shows me how amazing God is.  I feel like when it rains God is speaking to me.  It reminds me of all the wonderful things He has created with His hands, it allows me to reflect on God's amazingness, and rain always reminds me of all the people I have lost and who are living in Heaven with Jesus.  I think rain is the most calming sound ever and it allows my mind to wonder and think of all the things that are possible in life and the dreams I hope to fulfill with my life.  Rain reminds me (as weird as this might sound) that there is a God who has everything under control & each storm He brings ends with beautiful light.   I am so glad that God is in control of my life and I am not!

Today has been a busy day.  I had a church errand to run at 9:30 am ---which took about an hour, but it was nice to meet people I had never met in my church.  After the errand I headed to the gym.... WOW what a workout.  I pushed myself hard today and honestly it felt good to sweat like a pig!  Once I got finished at the gym and was drenched in sweat, I headed home to make lunch.  I like eating at home, but I like eating at home better when my husband eats with me... it just makes the middle of the day that much better!  I am now watching the Bachelorette and putting off cleaning the house.  I need to start cleaning though because Reagan's dad is going to be in town on Thursday and he is coming for dinner, so my house can definitely not be a mess!  So I guess once I get myself motivated to clean and actually do clean, then I can reward myself with a shower and get ready for our fun night out with Jace and Karlie!  We are going to some yummy restaurant with them tonight, and I can't wait to hangout with them!  I need to get motivated right now.... why do I not want to clean?! --- maybe it's because I feel like cleaning is a never ending job! HAHA. I guess I am off to cleaning now so I can have a fun night :)

"Smile through the Rain because life can only promise to get better once the storm has passed."

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Independence is something I definitely take for granted at times.  I think in my mind I expect to be taken care of and protected since I live in the United States.  I need to be more aware and grateful for the freedom I have been given.  There are many men and women who are fighting for our freedom and are keeping me safe each and everyday.  WOW, I am so grateful for that! I am grateful that I do not live in a place where I have to live in fear each day.  I pray for those men, women and children who are not in a safe place and have to worry about their safety on a daily basis.  I pray that God continues to protect those people and let them know that the Mighty God is watching over them each and everyday. 
I am so grateful for all the men and women who keep our country safe --- what a privilege it is to know I am protected and have freedom!

"Never forget the freedom you have been given in life because for others it does not come that easily."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perfect Day :)

So today was just one of those days where I took in every moment of the day.  Today my best friend Hannah and her beautiful baby girl Ava came to Fort Worth for a little visit.  All week long I have been waiting for them to come, and was becoming so anxious for Thursday to get here!  Today Hannah and I relived our TCU college days together and went to our favorite Friday lunch spot--- McKinley's!  We ordered the same thing we always do: half a blast sandwich, add turkey, no bacon, and no lettuce for me with lots of pickles for the both of us!  It was so great to just be with Hannah and our new addition to the traditional lunch, Ava!  It is so nice being married now because Hannah and I are able to talk about everything under the sun... and we do pretty much just that on a daily basis-- nothing is really a secret between us and I LOVE that about her and our friendship.  After we finished our delicious lunch we walked around the little shopping area in Fort Worth.  I love doing this with Hannah, window shopping and browsing.... for all the things we wish we could buy and have! It was so fun having Ava with us today, even though we were both worn out by the end of the day it was so wonderful having her with us... to see what God created and the blessing she has been in both of our lives.  Once we were done with all our shopping we went to go and get Ava her first haircut!  Ava got bangs today and she looks absolutely adorable.  She was so good for the lady who was cutting her hair.  She loved being in the little car and watching Toy Story while she got her hair cut... Obviously Cool Cuts for Kids knows what's best for kids when it comes to cutting their hair --- it was like a huge play room in there, so COOL!
Once the hair cut was done, Hannah and I needed a little break from Ava so we dropped her off with Hannah's mom and sister and we headed to Abuelos for dinner with Reagan.  It was just so nice to have dinner as married adults and talk about life. After dinner we headed back to the Farish Townhouse.  Hannah had not been to our place yet so we gave her the tour, and she loved it--- and it's not even completely decorated so I cannot wait for her to see it when it's all done!  While she was at the house she helped me arrange my cross wall, I definitely need more crosses but it is looking good for a starting point.
I was so sad when today ended... that is how much I treasure Hannah and our friendship.  As soon as she left I wanted her to be back with me!  I love getting to have days like this with her when we do absolutely nothing planned but it feels like we got stuff done and we grew even more in our friendship--- this is what true friendships are all about; doing the simple things in life and loving every minute you are with that special person!

"True friends are hard to come by, so hold them very close to your heart."