Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


the weeks have been long lately, they seem as if they may never end.
my mind has been consumed with more things than I think it can physically handle-- from school, to marriage, to daily struggles, to things I need to get on my knees for and seek God's utmost wisdom.
by the end of the day I am physically exhausted and want nothing more than to shut my brain off- but things have to be done, studying has to be completed, and spending time investing in my handsome husband is a must.
maybe if the days had more hours in it---it would allow me more time to get everything done. probably not, and I would probably be even more exhausted.
all i can look forward to is Thanksgiving and going home to see our families. then my mind travels to Christmas break--- WOW, I don't even know if I can remember what you do with a break since I haven't had a time to stop and doing nothing for a long time.  I cannot wait to go to Nebraska over Christmas to see Reagan's mom, or home to San Antonio to see our families and do Christmas all together. 
more than anything though, I want spring 2011 to be here... NOW. I want to graduate and walk the stage and be done with having to come home and my day still continues because there is 101 school things to do.  I just want to be able to come home, enjoy dinner with my husband and relax with him... that would be incredible.  the spring could not come FAST enough!!!
i am tired... and I need a break.  but this is our life now.  I am in constant prayer that God can get me through another crazy day and that He will provide for our family in ways that I cannot even comprehend. 

"my God is a great big God--- why should I ever doubt the things He can do--- because in the end He makes all things work together for my good."

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love My Family

So this weekend was a wonderful one.  Reagan and I had house guests that started arriving on Friday afternoon.  Reagan's brother Jon and their good family friend Matt came to Dallas to watch the Aggie game at Cowboy stadium on Saturday!  They were both wonderful guests and we had so many laughs while they were here this weekend!
On Friday night, my family arrived at our townhouse!  I was so excited, I had not seen my family for 3 months and that is just way too long!  We really didn't do anything on Friday night except watch part of the wedding video my mom brought and sat around and talked.
Reagan and I ended up staying up till 2:30 in the morning with Jon and Matt after my family left to go to their hotel.  We really were not doing anything exciting but reminiscing about the fun wedding weekend!

On Saturday morning, Jon and Matt headed to the Aggie game, Reagan went to work, and I headed to Fort Worth to meet my mom at McKinley's Bakery for a delicious lunch... if you have not been there you must go it is so delicious!  So my mom and I had a girls lunch which was so nice to catch up just the two of us and then we went shopping!  After shopping we headed back to our townhouse to do a big grill out!  It was so delicious-- we had steaks, pork chops, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade macaroni and cheese and desserts!  We had 13 people in our townhouse all together and it was a blast!  We ate, talked, told funny stories-- it was wonderful.  After everyone had left Reagan and I headed to bed because we had church the next morning!

On Sunday, Jon and Matt went to church with Reagan and I and then we met my family at Rudy's barbecue for lunch--- Reagan, my dad, my little brother Peyton, his friend Brooks, and my middle brother Hunter and 3 of his friends from college station all headed to the Cowboys game after lunch.  Yet it was just me and my mom again-- and what better to do than go shopping for fall and winter clothes.  We had a blast and got some really cute outfits.  After our long day of shopping we met the guys for a quick bite to eat.  After eating we all headed back to the townhouse and my mom helped me put away all my summer clothes and hang all my fall clothes-- I seriously have the best mom ever!  After this was all done we had to say goodbye-- it was so hard!  I wanted my family to stay longer.  Though their trip up here was perfect timing.  I needed my parents more than ever with everything that Reagan and I have had to deal with.  It was just wonderful to have my parents love on me and Reagan--- I am just so grateful for them and everything they do for us.

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving when we get to go to San Antonio and spend time with our families--- the holidays could not come any sooner! 
Well that is a recap of our wonderful weekend-- I am off to study for a Test I have Wednesday night.

"God knows the plans for your life even when you have no clue what is going on."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Falling on my Knees

So this week has been one that I did not expect at all.
I had a test on Monday night which I think went fine but my brain was just so ready for it to be OVER.  The rest of the week I needed to be productive and start studying for my test that is this coming Wednesday but unexpected things happen.
My brain kinda shut off and I went in to wife mode for my husband... who is stressed, confused and disappointed.  When you think things are going great and you are in a good season, struggles always come and God tests your faith and that is where we have been this week.  In a mindset where we are trying to understand what God needs us to do and looking to Him for provision.  I do not understand it all and I just wish God would show me the future, that would be so much easier but it does not work like that.
So we are in prayer a lot-- together and apart.  So I ask you to pray, for those of you who know us... just Pray.  Go to your knees and call out to God on behalf of us.  God will know what needs we need to have met even if you don't.  Prayer is a powerful thing and it can move mountains and right now that is all we need--- we need to see the power of prayer at work.
That is all I have today, I wish there was more but this is me being real.  Every time you think of Reagan or I just pray because we need understanding from God more than ever right now.

"I am falling on my knees, offering all of me, Jesus you are all I need..."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

so thankful the school week is OVER

Wow, it has been a tough week this week for me.
I have been stressed, hard on myself, and way too worried--- things that I know God was shaking His head at me for because He knew I needed to give it all to Him.

I had to midterms this week on Thursday-- and I studied my little butty off for those things.  The first one on Thursday was all short answer- which we were not told nor was I expecting, but I think it went ok- I did my best, that is all I can ask for right?  The second one on Thursday seemed to go well, it was all multiple choice and I seemed to know it and the way I studied seemed to work really well.  I needed a good grade on this test because I did not do so good on the first test of the semester, so hopefully it went well.
When Thursday rolled around this week and my tests were done, I was exhausted.  My body literally could not go anymore and my brain hurt.  I had planned on studying yesterday for a test I have on Monday, but I could not do it-- my brain needed a break for sure!

Today I started my morning off at the gym and it was good, but my mind was definitely all over the place-- I kept looking at all these women in the gym that have amazing bodies and I kept telling myself I need to be like that-- I definitely know those are not thoughts from God but from Satan.  Ugh, it was frustrating and mirrors in the gym should be banned-- I just don't like them it makes you pick on your body even more when you are working out.  Though the workout was good and it definitely helped me relieve some stress that I had built up from this week.

The day is gorgeous here in Mansfield, I wouldn't mind it to be a little cooler but Fall is definitely coming and that is so exciting!

Next weekend Reagan's brother Jon is coming to Dallas for the Aggie game that is being played here so that will be so nice to see them!  Also my parents may be coming next weekened too-- So my mom is going to bring up the fall stuff she made us for our house.... so stinkin excited!

I am excited for tonight-- we are having a couples dinner--- it has been too long and will be so good, can't wait!

Well off to studying... do not want to but it has to be done!  I hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday!

"God is good all the time, all the time God is good."