Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The little things.

Tonight my heart is full.  Full of happiness in the little things.  Tonight I got to do something I love with people I love.  I was able to serve the children and families of the Ronald McDonald house with my couples bible study group.  Because of that hour and half I spent with the families there I am a better person.  In that one hour they showed me what it means to be truly grateful, and because of that  I am more grateful and am truly thankful to God for placing in my heart a love for non-profit organizations.  I have always loved them and I hope I always keep igniting that passion in my heart to reach out and help those in need.  Because they need people like us to love on them, but more than anything they need a smile that reflects the love of Jesus and I truly hope I was that for one of those sweet babies tonight.  When we left from serving them dinner it was not about all the smiles and the repeated "thank you's" we received, it was the smile and twinkle in that little boy's eyes when he saw that we had made tacos and then the mischievous lil grin he gave me when he came back for a third taco.  It was the look of relief on a mother's face that some sweet people she did not even know had cooked her a meal that was not spaghetti for the third time this week.  It was the gratefulness behind a mother's eyes when she saw the look on her daughter's face as she dived into the fresh strawberries.  It honestly was those little things that imprinted my heart tonight and caused me to feel an unmeasurable amount of love.  Our group went tonight in hopes to show them God's love and to encourage them and I personally walked away with more love in my heart than when I came in.  I pray that starting this week, I remember to stop and be grateful for the little things in life... there is so much that I overlook in the everyday mundane life and I want to remember that if I stop to reflect on the little things that I will feel and see the handprints of God even more clearly.

So allow yourself to stop and be grateful for the little things- it just might change the outcome of your day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My best friend

Every day I have the pleasure of celebrating my mom and all that she means to me. I cannot even express how grateful I am to be back in San Antonio living right around the corner with my best friend. She gets me... She always has and always will. She is my confidant, my listener, my shopping buddy, my prayer warrior, the one I vent to, the one who always has my back, and the one who will always love and take care of me with her whole heart.

Last night was our time to spend with my mom for Mother's Day and when I reached her house I was feeling so crummy. I curled up in my moms arms and she played with my hair and loved on me. As the night went on I got to feeling worse and instead of her worrying about being celebrated she was right by my side while the hubs was picking up my prescriptions. She is so selfless and loving and honestly I aspire to be a mom like her someday.

Mom, I love you so much. Thank you for always taking care of me, loving me with your whole heart, and always being my person. Without you, I don't know who I would be. I love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


As I sit here tonight I am mentally and emotionally tired.  My heart is heavy for people I love and my eyes can barely stay open... sad reality- it is only 6pm. This past week has been a blur for me and this week has drug on and on and on.  Words cannot even express how grateful I am for it to be Friday tomorrow.  I know my body is tired and needs a break... I slept through all 5 of my alarms this morning - that never happens and I am never late.  I wanted to feel sorry for being late but I know my body needed sleep and quite honestly I am just ready for the school year to be over.  It has been a year- a year of growth and overcoming obstacles and meeting lots of great people, but it has definitely been a year in and of itself.

I am just worn. worn out and tired of the everyday stuff.  I need a break. Summer will be good for me... a nice time of recharge.  Scary reality is, I am not sure what the next chapter holds or what job waits for me on the other side. I know my time with the school district for now is done, but the scary this is... what is next?!  I know God will provide, but honestly I think way down deep and hidden in the back of my mind I am worrying.  Worrying how God will provide, worrying about what is next, worrying that I won't be good at my new job- whatever it may be. To be quite honest, I think all this worrying I am doing is making me even more worn out at the end of the day.  Even though I think I am not thinking about it and worrying about it, I know that I am... and it is just purely exhausting. Does that make sense?!

Tonight I am willing myself to relax, and allow my mind to truly take a break. I really need to let myself relax or I may not make it to the end of the year... I have never been this tired and I have 4 more weeks left.  I can do this.

Lord, give me the strength because my body is tired and I am worn.  I need your Spirit to fill me so that I can find joy even in the days that seem so tedious.  Help me to remember that you are always in control and have so many wonderful things planned for me that there is no reason I should allow worry to consume me.  Fill me with your love and help me to walk in your loving grace daily.  Amen.

So, if you find yourself worn tonight like I am - just give it to God and know I am praying for you all because being in this place is exhausting and sometimes discourage but just know that God will take care of all things in His perfect timing.