Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good-bye Summer :(

Ughhhhhhhhh. Feel my frustration??? Summer is OveR!!! I go back to work tomorrow and I am not ready one little bit.  The only thing I am ready for is getting on a schedule... I know I am a weirdo. I could probably live in summer mode for forever but I would be the most laziest person E.V.E.R. So to say the least...  Lil OCD me needs my schedule back.  This staying up late, sleeping in and reading books, and hanging out at the pool has been such a treat, but I need my routine back. badly. and I need a good nights sleep. and I desperately need to see my sweet friends (I have missed so dearly). and to get back into bible study with my ladies and be poured into and fellowship with those sweet gals.  Going back to school also means fall is coming, and I cannot wait for all things fall-- football. boots. cute scarfs and sweaters. and pumpkin spice lattes... Can I get an AMEN!! So tomorrow I will wake up when my husband does, put on make-up for the first time all summer (OOPS), say bye to my Lyla bear, and head to work.  At least I have Thursday and Friday to prepare before the kiddos come.  All  have to say to that is Monday is going to be fun yet exhausting... I can already feel it in my bones.  Anywho, for those of you who don't have work tomorrow... sleep in extra late for me, take time to read a good book and catch some sun! Oh summer 2012 you have been a good and memorable one... One I will never forget!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go...

Much love and tired eyes,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lyla Bear.

I have a confession to make. I must admit to you all that I think my puppy is pretty special and I am pretty much in love with her and her curly/wavy lil self. She is smart, hysterically funny with her chew toys, has lots of energy, loves to play and more than anything would cuddle with me all day... if she could. Whew.. I feel much better now that I have admitted to you all how in love I am with this cute lil cuddly pup.
On Saturday, we had to take her to get her first set of puppy shots.  While we were waiting in line, all these people kept approaching Reagan and I and asking us if they could hold her and telling us that we had the cutest puppy they had ever seen.  I just kept laughing because the attention she was getting was ridiculous.  Little kids wanted to hold her, moms, moms to be, and even cute old couples.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Though, we both admitted later on she is a pretty cute lil cuddle bear. Anyways, back to the shots.  I couldn't do it... I made Reagan hold her.  Oh and to hear her yelp when they stuck the needle in... Broke. My. Heart.  Seriously, I know I am pathetic... but I made Reagan be the bad guy this time... Oops. This pup is turning me into a complete and total softie!! Though, I felt a little bit better after the shot was over, because she acted like nothing had happened and she was back to her normal playful and cuddly self... made me feel a little LOT better that she didn't hate us for taking her to get shots!
I just know I am going to miss my lil girl when I go back to work on Thursday... Oh goodness... see I am already nervous about leaving her at home while we are at work... seriously people what is this pup doing to me... deep breaths. it will all be OKAY. it is just a dog... My goodness!!

I will leave you with our cute lil pup.  Little Miss Lyla Bear and all her cute lil fluff.  Who could not love a face like that?! I mean seriously!!!! 

I promise posts to come will not be completely focused around our extremely cute pup... I just really cannot stop posting about her and all her daily happenings. haha. I am like a proud momma.. and honestly, we all know you just want to stare at her sweet lil face and take her home and cuddle with her! :)

I hope everyone enjoys their last days of summer! I know I am taking in every relaxing moment while I can!

Love y'all,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raising a Pup :)

We are learning that raising a pup can be hard but being on a schedule is GoLdEn!! Honestly, it has been worth every penny we paid.  Lyla has been a wonderful puppy and we couldn't be more happy with having her in our home.  Though, I will admit her daily 3:15am wake up call to let us know she needs to go potty outside has been an adjustment, but we will take it if that means no accidents in her crate! We are learning that Lyla is very smart and thus far we have not had any accidents in the house... KNOCK on WOOD!! Reagan even made the comment last night, "Whatever you are doing to get her to go potty outside, keep it up because it is working!!" His comment made me LOL but honestly it is all about being on a schedule... just like a baby... Go figure- all my child development classes are coming in handy with this cute lil pup.  Honestly, she may be preparing me for future years when we do have a baby... because we have to think about HER now not just us! We love her bunches and love all the cuddles she has given us.  She is indeed our little cuddle bug!

All tuckered out after playing this morning.  Goodness. Being a Puppy is hard work!!! 

***Question for all you dog owners out there:

So like I said above, Lyla has had no accidents in her crate or inside the house (Praise the Lord)!!! Though, starting next week Reagan and I will both be at work for the day and I am worried that she will not be able to hold it all day in her crate since she will just be 7 weeks old at that time.  A friend told us that we should section of a part of our kitchen and put her crate in there with a bowl of water and a puppy pad with newspaper over it (so it feels like the texture of grass) and have her play around in there while we are gone and be able to use the bathroom during the day.  It sounds like a wonderful idea... but my only concern is that she may have a hard time going outside if we start doing the puppy pad thing for the day!  To be honest, I do not want to ruin the good thing we have going with going outside and not having accidents... it may drive me crazy... just a lil bit. ANY ideas on what we should do?!!? Needing help from one puppy momma to another!!

Much love,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Loving Lyla!

Well our family has grown in numbers! We are now a family of THREE!! This summer has been filled with many firsts! Almost a month ago we bought a house! The house is wonderful and is finally starting to feel like our home!! Once Reagan's office is finally no longer messy and the garage is organized, I think I will finally feel like I can rest and enjoy our home!!  

For this post to make sense, I need to provide you with some background information.  I have always wanted a dog ever since Reagan and I got married.  During our first year of marriage and in our first apartment, we bought a dog from a pet store in Dallas.  Come to find out, our dog had been abused by the pet store workers (the pet store was shut down a month later), she had a lot of social problems, and so we ended up giving her (Sadye) to a family that was able to give her the care and time she needed since we could not. We were so sad to part with our first puppy, but we knew it was for the best.  Fast forward... we move to San Antonio and get settled into our townhouse here and Reagan and I have the itch to get another dog... though we were very cautious this time due to our first experience. We ended up meeting a lady who had a dog she had rescued while on her run and she could not care for her.  She told us we could take her home for the weekend and see how things went.  We brought her home, she was a sweetie, but the first night we had her my allergies went from normal to CRAZY! I thought maybe it was something in the air (since it was fall time) and so I took medicine and didn't think about it again.  The next morning, I woke up and could hardly breathe, my eyes itched, and this sweet girls hair was shedding everywhere which was causing me to sneeze non-stop.  On top of me being allergic to her, the lady could not provide us with vet papers (which she said she had), so we returned her at the end of the weekend.  We were both sad that we could not keep her but knew it was for the best since I could not breathe when I was around her.  As soon as we returned her to her owner, Reagan and I went home and deep cleaned our entire house (so that I could finally breathe again) and decided we needed to get a hypoallergenic to low shedding dog! haha.. what a journey we have been on with dogs!

We pray and hope this new endeavor with Lyla will be wonderful and smooth...she has been fabulous today!

Anywho... fast forward to May 25th - my birthday! At dinner I opened my gift from the hubby and Reagan had given me a dog voucher as part of my gift and said that when we had a home I could get a dog!!  Well you know me... as soon as we moved in I started asking when he was going to deliver on his birthday promise! Well let's just say we had very different ideas on what kind of dog we should get! I did my research and he did his and the results did not match up very well!!! He wanted something that was a good sized medium dog, and I wanted a dog that would be small to smaller medium.  It took weeks for us to decide on a happy medium... but we finally knew what we wanted... or at least I thought we did... Well since I received the birthday dog voucher, I have been searching all the dog sites here in San Antonio and every time I would show Reagan a dog I liked his answer was always, "nope, not that one."  Well yesterday while driving to our couples bible study I leisurely was browsing through  one of the dog sites and saw an ad for cockapoos.  I immediately showed Reagan the pictures and to my surprise his eyes lit up, he smiled and said, "text the lady who is selling the puppies."  Little did I know, while my husband was doing all his dog research he became fond of poodles because they are very smart and he has always liked cockerspaniels (because my family has one and she is super sweet).  So, he looked at me and said, "what a good combination of a dog... super sweet, wants to please, is smart and she will not shed all over our house."  So I called and spoke to the lady who was selling the litter and she asked for us to come and see the female puppies she had left last night.  So we went right after bible study and we fell in LOVE.  It was a happy ending for both of us!!!  We got a dog that we feel is a perfect fit for our family!! Oh and even better.... our good friends Mike and Jeanelle bought Lyla's sister last night and they named her Lily! So Lyla and Lily can always see each other and be the best of friends :)

Enjoy these pictures of our sweet baby girl (who is currently cuddling on my lap with me and trying to get me to stop typing!)

Reagan and Lyla on the way home from getting her.  I totally forgot to take a picture with her on the car ride home... OOPS! 

Look at that little fluffy cutie! 

Such a princess already :) 

Lyla with her sister, Lily (who looks more like a poodle).  Lily stayed with us today... I think Lyla is going to be very sad when she goes home in a little bit. :(

Two very best friends. :)
Lily is definitely a little bit bigger than Lyla.  It will be so interesting to watch them grow and see their personalities develop!!

I look forward to all the love Lyla is going to give us and the laughs Reagan and I will have along the way now that we have the responsibility of caring for this sweet cuddle bear! I hope you enjoy watching our journey as we learn how to best take care of this sweet girl and the love she gives our family.  It is amazing how much love and kisses a dog can give!!