Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lazy Saturday

This morning Reagan and I had a youth event to attend.  It was a 10K walk for his students so that they could raise money for summer camp.  With all the reminders and emails that were sent out, only 2 kids showed up for the event this morning... So the four of us walked... and walked and walked some more.  We ended up only making it an 8K walk because the two kids were getting exhausted and I was so glad inside--- my legs felt like jello!  It was nice to walk with the kids this morning and get to know them better.  After the walk, Reagan and I had lunch at our favorite little sandwich shopped and we talked about how we felt the event went and how it could have gone better... we came up with some awesome ideas if we have another walk anytime soon!
Since we did so much this morning, the rest of the day we have been exhausted and lazy.  We watched the TCU baseball game together and sadly my horned frogs lost--- but they had a great season!!
It is just so nice to relax with my husband... we still have a lot of cleaning that we promised each other that we would get done together-- let's see if that happens!

"Relax and enjoy every minute of life!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are finally back home in Mansfield, Texas!!  Our townhouse is quaint and is getting put together and organized slowly but surely.  I am still getting used to the fact that I live with a man... it is much different than living with girls! Though it is different, I am loving waking up to my husband every morning. :)
So here is a recap of the past couple of weeks the Farish's have endured:
The wedding went fabulous.  We had so many friends and family there to celebrate with us.  Walking down the isle with my dad to meet Reagan at the end was the most amazing thing ever.. Reagan's smile was so huge -- I could not wait to get to him at the end.  Once we got there, all I wanted to do was hold his hands.  The wedding music and sermon was so beautiful... even though I did not have a voice the day of the wedding and had to whisper my vows into a microphone.. it still turned out so beautiful --- AND though half way through the sermon my left hand and arm started shaking because my boutique was so HEAVY! I tried getting someones attention that I was going to drop my flowers... but no one was really paying attention to what I was trying to say discreetly.  So needless to say, I was so grateful when the ceremony was over so that I could let me left arm relax.  Paul and Swig did an incredible job officiating the sermon... I still can't believe sometimes that Reagan and I are finally married we have waited so long for this moment and it is here!!! 
The reception was incredible.  The food was amazing, the decorations and room looked incredible, and the band was the best I have ever heard.  Everyone enjoyed eating, chatting, and dancing it up on the dance floor.  I loved the cake cutting... it was the most delicious cake ever... I can't wait to eat our cake topper on our one year anniversary!  The toasts made me teary eyed... our friends and family had such beautiful things to say.  My first dance with Reagan was one I will never forget... I loved just being held in his arms spinning around the floor to our song.  My father daughter dance brought me to sobs... It was in that moment that I realized I won't go to my dad first I will go to Reagan.  I am such a daddy's girl and listening to my dad in that moment whisper that I will always be his "Sweetiepie"... I could no longer hold back my tears... and they just kept flowing.  I love my dad so much, and I miss my family greatly but I love the new family I am creating with Reagan... Life moves on but you never lose your past. 
Our honeymoon got off to a rough start.  We had to wake up at 6 am on Sunday and after staying at the reception till almost midnight... we felt like "death" when we woke up the next morning--- we were so tired!  I do not do good on lack of sleep at all, so when I woke up Sunday morning I felt so sick at my stomach.  Our good friends Eric and Shavaun were awesome enough to take us to the airport.  Once we got to the airport and got our bags checked in I felt even worse, and ended up getting very sick to my stomach.  Needless to say the flight from San Antonio to Dallas was awful for me.  Once we got to Dallas our plane sat on the Tarmac for 50 minutes for no reason and we missed our flight to Miami.  We were not happy campers at this point, and we were told that we would not be able to make it to St. Lucia until Monday.  So we accepted this because we knew there was nothing we could do.  So from Dallas we had to fly to Tampa. Once we were in Tampa we found out that our flight was delayed to Miami... we could not catch a break!  While in the airport we met an awesome church group that was from Florida.  Their lead pastor prayed for us after he heard our crazy honeymoon story thus far and prayed that God would bless our marriage and the days ahead of us, we were so grateful.  After waiting for 2 hours for our plane, that finally arrived-- mechanical issue fixed and all we were headed to Miami.  Once we got to Miami we had to wait in a compensation line to be able to get a hotel to stay in for the night since we could not make it to St. Lucia.  After Reagan and the church group (they missed their connecting flight to Guatemala) waited in this line for over an hour, one of the men from their church group came up to us and told us he had found an American Airlines man who could help us and get us our hotel.  So we got out of line and followed him to the secret man who would help us.  All the way to the man, the church group was joking with us that we were going to spend out honeymoon in "GUATEMALA!!" with them and adopt kids from the orphanage.  As much as Reagan and I love kids and Jesus we laughed and said for this week only we needed it to ourselves and just time to relax!!  Once the American Airlines man got us our hotel we were so relieved... and by the grace of God, after the man helped us he got in trouble from someone higher up on the totem pole and could no longer help anyone down at this secret spot... thank goodness we made it through!  We spent the night in Miami and then woke up the next morning ready to be in St. Lucia.  Our plane out of Miami was delayed but at this point we did not care, we just wanted to be in St. Lucia.  Once we got there, with our luck our baggage did not make it to St. Lucia... at this point I wanted to cry--- what more could go wrong?! So American Airlines had us fill out missing baggage paperwork and hoped they could find our bags... even though they were not showing up in the system.  Once this was taken care of, we got in a taxi and embarked on our one hour drive to the hotel-- during this drive we almost got in a horrible car accident because cars in St. Lucia think it is a great idea to change lanes and go around people on mountain curves--- WORST IDEA ever, I wanted OUT of the TAXI to say the least!

Once we  arrived at the resort and had seen our room we needed to buy clothes and toiletries since we had no luggage.  We were told by American Airlines that we would be reimbursed for anything we bought while we waited for our luggage to arrive.  After we purchased all the necessities that we needed we were shocked at the bill-- $430!! In America it would have only been about $100 we couldn't believe it... we were just so glad we were being reimbursed for this by American Airlines.  Once we had what we needed we headed back to our room and yet again crashed, we both had never been so exhausted in our lives!!
The next morning we slept in until we woke up.... and it was 10:30 am... that never happens often-- at least not for Reagan he always wakes up pretty early so I was amazed when I woke up before him!  Once we got up we headed to breakfast, hoping that our luggage would come today!  The best thing about our resort is that everything was paid for--- so Reagan could eat as much as he wanted and he sure did!!  After breakfast as we were walking back to our room we spotted our luggage!! We could not believe our eyes!! I started freaking out so excited that they had found our stuff.  So we claimed our bags and happily took them to our rooms ourselves!  Once we were back in the room we officially got all settled in and then we headed to the beach to lay out, swim, and RELAX --- we deserved it after the past couple of days we had had!
The rest of the week, we hung out with our new friends Ashleigh and Jon (met at the airport in Miami and then really got to know them at the Resort!), laid out, swam in the pools, caught waves in the ocean, played in the sand, went on a boat cruise-- saw the beauty of St. Lucia, went through a drive through volcano, walked through the botanical gardens, ate at the most amazing five star restaurants, took walks at night, and relaxed and enjoyed each others company!  It was so nice to just spend time with my husband and soak in being married!
At the end of the week on Sunday we were ready to go home but were definitely going to miss the beautiful ocean view from our room and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.  God's glory is definitely glorified in St. Lucia... it is so breathtaking!!!
Our flight home was a lot less eventful than the flight to St. Lucia... and we were so grateful for that! Once we arrived in Dallas we thought American Airlines had lost our bags again, but suddenly they magically appeared-- Thank the Lord!
We are enjoying being home and starting our life together.  We are still getting used to living with each other, understanding each others cleanliness and habits.... but loving every minute of the learning experience!  There are still boxes to be unloaded and things to be hung up, but as I see it it will all come together eventually-- it cannot all get done in one day and for once I am okay with that!
I am enjoying the simple moments with my husband--- making dinner, watching TV together at night, and just curling up with him on the couch!  
Sorry this post was so long, there was just so much to catch up on!! :)

"Life is the most incredible journey --- LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. ALWAYS!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ONE more DAY till the Wedding Festivities BEGIN!!!

I am so excited... friends and family are already headed to SAN ANTONIO for the BIG wedding weekend!!! Reagan's mom, step dad and sisters are already on their way and should be here by tonight.  I just cannot wait to see everyone.  Most of the bridesmaids get in tomorrow to kick off the BBQ celebration-- let the party begin!  I just can't wait to be surrounded by friends and family for the biggest weekend of OUR lives!!!
It is going to be so much fun and a party we will never forget!
I am just getting so anxious to see Reagan, it has been too long! I have MISSED my man and I just can't wait to give him the biggest hug ever!!
I am definitely feeling better, still just a little worn down-- so definitely need more prayers that my energy will kick back in 100% by Saturday!
Just so ready for everyone to be here... my nerves are starting to get anxious... but I think that is a good thing!

"I am about to embark on the greatest journey of my life... my smile has definitely become contagious!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

I DON'T have time for being SICK :(

So all weekend I felt fine and then randomly on Sunday night I looked up from doing wedding decorations and I told my mom that I felt like I was getting sick.  She told me it was just stress and that I needed to go to bed to get some good sleep in.  So Saturday night I went to bed, but in the middle of the night I began to feel so much worse that I hardly slept.  My throat felt like there was glass in it and my head was throbbing.  So Sunday morning I woke up in tears because I felt like I could hardly swallow.  So my dad being amazing and seeing that I really didn't feel good (I looked like crap) he took me to the urgent care by our house.  When I saw the doctor he took one look at my throat and was like I know exactly what this is, everyone has had this lately.  I was like ok what is it I don't have time for being sick I am getting married this coming Saturday!!  He told me that I had a horrible throat infection and that my glands were very swollen.  Though, he said since I was getting married so soon that we needed to kick this in the butty fast.  So he gave me a Zpack and Steroids to clear everything up.  All Sunday I was miserable... almost felt like death... that may be being too dramatic but I cannot handle throat stuff, it just kills me and when it hurts that bad to swallow I am done for.  So I went to bed pretty early last night and actually slept pretty well.  I woke up this morning and the pain is still kinda there but definitely not as bad as it was yesterday.  So I am about to go take my second dose of the Zpack and the second day of Steroids.  Honestly I do not know what I would have done without these meds... I need them to make me better FAST!!!!
So if you could please be in prayer that God heals me and I feel incredible by the Rehearsal on Friday night and the Wedding on Saturday!!!
I cannot believe it is getting so close... this is wedding week people, Thursday all the wedding festivities begin... I need to get better NOW!!!!

"Sick, Sick GO AWAY I DON'T have time to play!!!"

"Slow down in life, Rest and Take it all in because these special moments only happen Once in a Lifetime."

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen... there is ONLY one week left until the BIG DAY!!! ---->>
(I have no clue why the post still says it's Friday because I am definitely writing this at midnight... which makes it Saturday!!!)
All day today was stuff that had to do with wedding.  My mom was in a 4 1/2 hour meeting finalizing wedding stuff, I got my hair cut and colored, Shavaun and I packed my suitcase for the honeymoon (I was so glad she helped me... all her years of being a flight attendant paid off in the packing area--- I still have room  to spare!), and tonight we put wedding goodies together!
Seriously, I cant believe that the wedding is almost here!
Reagan sent me a message tonight that said one week from tonight he was going to have trouble sleeping and was going to be so anxious for the wedding day!!  So even he is getting super excited and so ready to see me!
I just feel so blessed that I am marrying the man of my dreams who loves God so much and is the most incredible man ever!
Pray that as the days get closer to the wedding, I stay calm and enjoy this time because it will go by in the blink of an eye!
The countdown is in FULL MOTION and there is no stopping it NOW... BRING ON THE WEDDING FESTIVITIES!!!!!

"Life is full of Happiness and Bliss... so capture each moment to the Fullest!"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

People Problems

I sit here today not able to understand people and there intentions at times.  I don't understand why it is so hard for people to look to find different solutions, or just simply to be happy in midst of chaos.
I don't understand how a man can be fired from the hotel where the wedding reception is supposed to be at in 9 days... with no notice, he was gone and the people at the hotel assure all the pieces will be picked up.  But is it really possible to pull off an event that you personally haven't been planning for a whole year??
I just sit here in confusion today... because honestly I don't need this kinda of stress right now.  This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life, but in the back of my mind I am wondering will everything really go off without a hitch??
I have my last dress fitting today and I am so excited to see how the dress turned out.... though, we are late because last night a crazy storm blew threw and all the lights are out on the main streets to take us to my dress fitting, so the roads are filled with crazy traffic. That is definitely an unexpected you cannot plan for!
I am sorry if I sound like I am complaining, I am just being real... because quite honestly I am just a little annoyed... my nerves are on edge... and that quite possibly may be because I am getting married in 9 Days!

One beautiful thing that is occurring today is my brothers high school graduation.  I am so proud of him, he has come a long way!  The spot light is on him today and that is the way it should be... it is his BIG day after all! I love you bubba and I will be cheering for you the loudest tonight when you walk the stage :)

"smile through the tribulations because at the end of the day you have so much to be grateful for."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Holy Moly... Ladies and Gentlemen.... there are ONLY 10 DAYS left till the wedding.... LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!
I am getting excited and nervous, but very anxious to finally see Reagan!!!!
My final dress fitting is this Thursday, so in my head that really just puts everything in perspective!

This morning waking up I was thinking of the TOP 10 Reasons why I am so excited to be getting married, so here they are:

10) I will finally get to see Reagan! I haven't seen him but once since I have been back in SA TOWN.
9) The wedding weekend will be the greatest party I have ever been to!
8) We get to celebrate with all our friends and family!
7) There is no more curfew.... He is all mine!
6) Waking up to my man is going to be a beautiful thing!
5) We get to start our life together!
4) We will be newlyweds, and there is just a special glow about being newly married... crazy but I swear there is!
3) St. Lucia here we come!! I can't wait to lay on the beaches with Reagan for an entire week!
2) There are NO MORE boundaries... thank the LORD... I have waited 4 1/2 years for this moment!
1) I will be Mrs. Reagan Farish :)

Getting married is exciting and I am so ready to begin this amazing adventure with Reagan by my side!!!

"You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without."