Ephesians 2:8-9, "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Friday, December 6, 2013


so i am a listener. i always have been. i love loving on people. it is just who i am and it comes so natural to me. with being a listener, i also can be a worrier. i worry about my friends and family- thru the good and bad. i just want the best for them. all.the.time.
i have had several sweet opportunities to talk with friends this week and love on them. some of them are in such happy seasons of life- and we have rejoiced! and others are in hard places. and honestly for those sweet friends i had words to say, but i know my words can't change anything. only God can. and so i have found myself in prayer. at times even constant prayer. i have been praying for miracles, for relationships to be mended, for children to be healed. for God to give me the words to comfort my sweet friends. and for scripture to be placed on my heart that i can send to my sweet friends to remind them of His sweet promises.
with being a listener, and a worrier, i am also a fixer... i want to offer them a solution, i want everything to be ok. for no one to hurt. but i am slowly learning that I can't fix anything- only God can. all i can do is pray. love them where they are at. and just be the friend God has designed me to be.
it is hard to not fix. but i know it is the right thing to do. so i am learning to just be me and let God use me and work thru me.
so today i am grateful that God has promised that when we come to Him in prayer- He hears our every cry and knows are hearts most intimate desires. i am so grateful for that sweet promise- because some days i do not have the words. and that's ok. because it forces me to stop. surrender it to God and just pray the desires of my heart and trust God knows. because He does. what a beautiful thing.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  it is freezing here in San Antonio (like in the 30's and we are under winter weather advisory), so we will be staying inside trying to stay warm. i am not complaining by any means- i needed a lazy weekend. :)

next week i plan on posting christmas pic decor- the house is finally decorated!

Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

Psalm 145:18 "The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

so thankful.

as i sit here and reflect on this week with family and friends, i have so much to be thankful for.  truthfully, as reagan and i talked about all the blessings we have in our life, i got a little teary- eyed because so many times i forget just how blessed we are.  but God has truly blessed us beyond measure.

even though this last week was packed with crazy family stuff, and going here there and everywhere... deep down. i loved it. even though i complained from time to time about the hectic schedules and not being able to stay in my pj's for just one day- family is everything. and making memories is what we are meant to do while we are here on this earth.

we started our week off with a friendsgiving. and had two of our sweet couple friends come over. the fab six as we like to call ourselves. it was wonderful and our bellies were full by the end of the night. i laughed so much that my face hurt. but that is what it is all about. living the moments with the ones you love the most. our dear friends mean the world to us and we truly believe we are better because of them. they are our people.

tuesday, was laundry. and more laundry. and getting ready for jon (reagan's brother).  even through the mounds of laundry, i found myself grateful that i had a washing and drying machine to be able to clean and dry our clothes. its the little things people!

wednesday, jon came and the family festivities began.... and the rest of the week seems like a blur. with all your family being in the same city... things can get a little chaotic and complicated. but, we somehow managed to make it all work. i am exhausted but it is over and everyone had a great time! we ate too much, laughed too much, and drove too many places- but that is what the holidays are all about. good food. and even better company.

so as i sit here tonight, ready to start another week - i want to revel in this moment. i am tired but my heart is full.

we have a wonderful house. a doting and loving pup. family all within a short car drive. friends that truly are like family and would do anything for us. an amazing church. a wonderful lifegroup filled with so many great people. reagan has a job that he loves and a masters degree at a&m to look forward to. the Lord is filling my heart exactly how it needs to be filled in this season and i am so grateful for that- even though i may not yet have my dream job, i am still working with people (even the cute little ones) and having so many wonderful people pour into me and teach me what i need to be taught in this season. to trust and let God. and honestly, i can say i know God has great things prepared for me- and i am so excited to see the story unfold. because i have learned this is just a bump in the road and there are greater things to come. wow. i never thought i would be able to say that a couple months ago. maybe not even a couple of weeks ago. so i am so grateful that within just a matter of weeks the Lord has really used His people and His word to shine light in my life. i am humbled. and so grateful to be a part of his intricately and beautifully woven plan.

so take time to reflect. take time to give thanks. just take time to be with the ones you love. because at the end of it all that is all that really matters.

hug the ones you love. and make memories.

Lord, thank you for all that you have blessed us with and the blessings that are yet to come. Thank you for walking with us through each season of life and carrying us when some seasons seem harder than others. Continue to remind us daily how truly blessed we are and to never forget all that we have to be thankful for.  Amen.

Here is to all that we are thankful for, and looking forward to many memories being made this special time of year.

love you all!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

this is me.

so many times in the past couple of weeks i have started to write posts- but have stopped because i can't seem to get my hands to type exactly what is on my heart.  that may be because my head is filled with worry and my heart is anxious or vice versa.

to be honest. i have had all these "fun" posts i have wanted to write to remember the good of this season, but have stopped because yes there have been happy moments in this season but there have also been lots of really no good.terrible.bad days. and some weeks the bad far outweigh the good. which downright sucks. and honestly i am just so over this season. i want to move on. make new memories in a new season. be on the other side. but i am not there yet.

so i have decided to not write because talking about the nitty gritty of this season hurts. makes me sad. is confusing. and i just can't seem to catch a break. or find the words to write. so i decided that painting an unreal picture just wasn't for me. but a friend today reminded me that as much as i want this season  to be over, i need to journal what i went through to get to the other side. so that i can rejoice about how God carried me thru and look back and be amazed by His perfect plans. so here i am.

this is me.  i am tired. i am worn. and quite honestly i am tired of trying to figure out what is next for me. if it is a job. if it is going back to school. becoming a mom. or who the heck knows what the other options could be. many days i beg for clarity. for God to have grace on me. for the fog to be lifted. some days i get a glimpse of the other side, and other days my vision is so blurred i feel even more buried under the weight of this season. there are days when all i want to do is cry and throw a pity party. and there are other days i just don't want to talk about this season anymore in hopes that it will just go away. i want to be done. but i know my time is not yet because God still has something for me.

one thing that has really bothered me in this season of figuring out life is that i have allowed myself to worry too much about what other people think of me. what they think of this season. and their opinion of what i should do. as the people pleasing person i am- this being worried about what other people think has really made life even harder for me. i am trying to please so many people- when ultimately the only person i should try to be pleasing is my Abba Father. why in the world do i care so much about what other people think? it's pathetic. and human. and a fault. that i am not proud of.

today i read a blog post by a sweet friend talking about seasons of life and God carrying you through. i have heard this so many times in the past couple of months. but today it brought on a new perspective. today it reminded me that even though i don't think God is hearing my prayers. He is. He is so faithful. so loving. so merciful. so true. and He is walking with me. and pouring grace upon me.  and because He loves me that much, i had to remind myself today to not give up. to keep going. and to let go. and let God carry me. because when i surrender He is able to do far more than when i build up walls.

so i am letting go. and with that brings so much insecurity. but i know it is for the best. and i fully know that God only wants the best for me. so i am breaking down the walls. admitting that my life and this season is messy and so far from perfect. and more days than none i am a hot mess. but i have so many people loving me through this season and praying for me. that i have no choice but to surrender it all so that the Lord can do a mighty work in me.  i know there are hard days ahead, but i am praying that His will for my life will be made known. that is all i want. to know with my whole being that i am doing exactly what God has called me to do. i am leaving my fear.worry.anxiety.and insecurities at the foot of the cross. Lord use me. just move me aside. and use me.

Lord, carry me. help me to see the good that will come of this season. and help me to remember that you are faithful always. pour your love over me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's the little things.

Lately, I have been reminded to live in the moment. Celebrate the little things.  Because the little wins can sometimes bring you the biggest joys...

Take today for example.  It was cold outside. In Texas. It was mid 50's and wonderful.  I have prayed for Fall weather to make its appearance. and it did.  This may seem silly, but PTL for fall!

I completed another day on the couch 2 5K app.  This is big people.  I hate running.  I would rather walk briskly. but my husband loves running.  So I do it so that we will have a "hobby" to do together.  He runs far ahead of me- and I try to catch up. which has yet to happen... maybe one day.  but I run because I know he likes it.  This is true love at its finest my friends.

I am cooking and making new things and enjoying time in the kitchen with my hubs.  I have always loved to cook but have been afraid to step out of my comfort zone with recipes.  Thanks to mixandmatchmama.blogspot.com and her Monday Meal Planning Recipes my kitchen will never be the same, our time spent working together in the kitchen has been fun, and my husband's tummy will always be full!  Thank you Lord for this precious time with my husband... continue to show me how I can better spend quality time with him and how I can love him more.

I am learning to truly embrace the season I am in.  This is big. and a process. but I am taking steps and trying to process how to understand where I am at.  It is weird and uncomfortable. but a growing experience non the less - and I cannot wait to see what is on the other side.  God's divine plan for us is such a beautiful thing.

I am realizing/experiencing God's sovereign Grace.  This message seems to be in everything I read. in all the conversations I have with friends. and in every Bible study I am doing right now.  Obviously God is trying to teach me something!  I am finally breaking down and realizing that His Grace is so sweet and nothing compares.  My imperfections are made beautiful thru His grace and love! Praise the Lord!

Friends, do not let the little moments pass you by... life is but a fleeting moment.  Celebrate the small things so that when your goal has been reached you can look back and see how God intricately laid the plans of your life before your feet.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just Breathe.

I would apologize for being gone for so long. but if I am being honest, it has been intentional.  I needed a break.  A chance to gather my thoughts. About life. This Season. What Is To Coming. and Where I Am Going.  It's scary. and overwhelming. and exhausting. but on the days where I have learned just a little something. caught a glimpse of hope. I remind myself that there is a reason for it all.

When I found myself in this season, I knew it was going to be full of tests. trials. and areas that God was going to push me to grow. so, I have had to remind myself to breathe.  To take one day at a time.  That I can only live for today. not tomorrow. or yesterday. today.  That thought alone overwhelms me, so I remind myself again to take a deep breath.

I have begged for answers.  prayed for discernment - and I have been given little glimpses of hope. but I know there is still so much I must walk thru before it all makes sense. before I truly understand His plan.  So I continue to just breathe. and take one step after the other.

Life is not always fun. or easy. it is usually messy and chaotic. and I feel out of control most of the time. which I do not like.  it gives me anxiety. and worry. and everything in between.

The crazy thing is, God is teaching me to give it all to Him.  To take a step. Breathe. And let Him be in Control.  So much easier said than done. At times this path seems all too familiar- but I am learning what it really means to relinquish it all. to hold nothing back. it's hard. but it is something I know I have to do. to be the best me God needs me to be.

I will admit, I have been here before.  it is not fun to struggle thru a season, beg for answers, and ask for prayers from anyone who will listen. but I have been reminded time and time again, this is life.  things will make sense one day. just breathe.

Even though I feel like the season just keeps dragging on. and that the fog will never lift.  God has gently and sweetly reminded me that it will.  and through His reminders, He has placed on my heart to pray for my friends... who are going thru seasons too (good or bad), and that they need prayer on their behalf just as much as I do. They need to be reminded just as much as I do that life will be ok. God is sovereign.

We all must remember to breathe.

Take it in.  Focus your thoughts on the Lord. and let Him Lead.

It is not easy. But I have been promised that there will be comfort.  there will be peace.  and His plan is perfect.

So today, I am making myself stop. breathe. and voice my concerns to God. because He hears my cries. and knows my heart.  and He is the only one that can bring me out of this season.

This God–his way is perfect;the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. -- Psalm 18:30

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Precious Bundle

Our sweet friends Teri and Nate welcomed there first little bundle of joy into the world this week - Gentry Renee!  From the minute I laid eyes on her, I could feel my heart growing even more to make room for that precious little girl.  She is beautiful and so tiny but there is just so much love in my heart for that little girl.  The night we left the hospital from getting to see our sweet friends and love on them, all I could do was thank God for blessing us with this family as our sweet friends.  I am so grateful to have them in the same neighborhood as us - just a short walk right around the corner.  God knew what He was doing when we both moved in and became fast friends.  We love them. and we would do anything for them... and we know deep down in our hearts they would do the same.  It is such a blessing to have friends like that who love the Lord and love you just as much.

Every time I have gotten to hold little G I have prayed for her quietly in my mind.  Prayed that she will know how much she is loved, how special she is, and how much God loves her.  I have prayed for Teri and Nate and that they will enjoy each moment to the fullest with their new bundle of joy, and that the journey into parenthood will be a smooth and beautiful transition.  More times than none, I just can't believe Gentry is really here... what a sweet miracle...we prayed for her for so long and now she is here!   My heart loves her so much and she is not even my own, I can only imagine the overwhelming joy I will experience when I am staring back at my sweet child... one day. that sweetness will happen. and I know I will be at a loss for words and so in love.

Meeting sweet Gentry for the first time... we couldn't take our eyes off her! 

Be. still. my. heart. 

First outing at church- sound asleep in Nate's arms! 

We love these three more than words.
What a Beautiful and Happy family of THREE! 

Lord, thank you for these sweet friends and the blessing of Gentry.  Continue to grow and nurture our friendship over the years, and help us to love them like you love us. Amen.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good for my heart.

1. A person whom one knows, loves, and trusts.

Last night I got time to be with one of my dear sweet friends whom I have not gotten to see in quite some time, and to be quite honest it has felt like a little piece of me has just been missing something.  When you get to see someone almost every day and multiple times in one day... you get kinda spoiled. and your heart hurts a little when the only communication you have with them is through text messages and phone calls... at least for right now in this season of life.   Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love those two things very much, and it has kept me connected at the heart with my sweet friend. but I need to see my sweet friend face to face and hug her neck.  Well last night that is exactly what I got to do with my sweet friend.  Hug her neck.  Eat some sushi.  Relax. Have a glass of Wine.  and Talk until the restaurant kicked us out. and then keep talking outside the restaurant until you realize you have 10 missed calls on your phone and multiple texts because the hubby is worried about where you are at since our dinner date started at 7pm and it is now 11pm at night. oops... for the phone being on silent! sorry I am not sorry.  The time that I had with my sweet friend for over four hours was well worth it and just what I needed. to be honest I could have used more time with her... there were so many more things we needed to talk about... but more than anything it was the time of truly being with her in person that I loved more than anything. but I will hold onto all the things I wanted to keep talking about because I know there will be a next time. very. very. soon. with my sweet friend.

There is just something about sitting with a sweet friend and talking about everything under the sun.  It does my heart good. It encourages me. and in the end it brings me peace... because the prayer of a friend is something that just cannot be explained.

As I get older I find myself needing that me time with my sweet friends more and more.  I need to bounce ideas off of them. and get their advice. and have them pray for me.  my heart just needs it because after those sweet moments I always feel better and encouraged.  But more than anything, as I get older I am realizing that God has truly blessed me with such wonderful friends whom I can call my sisters.  Without them I would not be the person I am... they just make me be a better me.

So, even though yesterday was crazy and the week has been hard, my time last night with my sweet sister friend was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I came home feeling fulfilled. and encouraged. it was just so good for my soul.

Lord, thank you for placing sweet sister friends in my life whom I can be myself with. laugh with. cry with. love fully. receive encouragement from. and give love and encouragement to.  They are all so precious to me.

For today I am grateful. and thankful. and counting my blessings that I have such  sweet sister friends who walk with me every day through the good and bad. that right there is true friendship love. 

Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times..."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Laugh

Do you ever find yourself sitting and reflecting on your day and you can only help but laugh because it has just been one of those days!?  That is where I am at people. Laughing.  Because it is a lot better than crying. and today has just been crazy weird.  So today I am choosing to laugh and thank God for giving me this laughter and trying to turn my crazy day into something positive.

So if you have had one of those days too. just laugh. let it out. heck maybe even laugh so hard you cry. I promise it will make you feel better.

Love you all and Happy Hump day!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Words in my head.

Four words keep continually coming to my head day after day.  Trust. Peace. Patience. & Abide in Me.  When my mind starts to worry lately, those four words just keep coming to the forefront of my mind.  Ironically Though really in God's perfect plan, throughout this season, everything I have read, the people I have talked to and the words I have prayed - are those four words that keep surfacing. So this morning I committed myself to really believe those words and allow myself to really dig deeper and find the meaning God has for those words in my life.

Last night at our couple's Bible study as I was talking to the ladies, it was interesting to hear that we are all in different places in our lives, but those four words hold so much meaning for everyone in the group.  One sweet friend in our group then further explained with tears in her eyes that she was just so grateful for us and the friendships that are forming because we need each other to pour into one another for accountability and prayer.  It was that moment, that my heart felt so full because it is true... I need these ladies to teach me how to weave those words into my life so that I can learn from their life stories and lessons they have learned from God on how to be a better wife, how to be a better daughter of God, and how to really make those words the cries of my heart.  So, as I sat this morning in my quiet time, I prayed.  I prayed those four words over and over and then I prayed those words for my people- my friends.  Because at the end of the day, we all want those words to be in our heads and know that with those words comes an unconditional love that seems to encompass the truths of all  four words.

Psalm 62:8 "Tust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Repeat.

A friend of mine posted this song the other day and when I first heard it I cried - something I seem to do a lot of lately.  But the words in the song are my heart.  The song describes perfectly what I want more than anything... especially in this season.  Every day I am having to remind myself that my life is not my own and that I need to surrender it all to Him who knows every little detail of my life from the time I wake up in the morning to the minute I lay my head down on the pillow.  He knows.  So I need to find rest in knowing that when I am weak, He is strong.  When I feel like I cannot walk any more, He will carry me.  He is all I need... and sometimes that one simple sentence is so hard for me to wrap my mind around; especially when my flesh wants to worry and become anxious ... but in the end I must remind myself that I know that His will will be done and my eyes will be opened to work of His hands. His perfect plan will unfold and I know I will be brought to my knees in tears because the plan will be His absolute best for me and I will stand in awe of just how amazingly intricate it will be. So today I am surrendering and placing my trust in Him so that I can experience the peace that comes with surrendering.

So -- listen to the song.  be still. and just let it wash over you.  because honestly once you listen to the words you will play the song on repeat too because deep down we all want this song to be the cry of our hearts. We must lay down our human tendencies and just surrender, because when we do we are able to accept the blessings of the Lord so much more.

Happy Thursday friends.

Music Video for I Surrender by Hillsong - Live Version:


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why me?

So it has been a little while since I have posted, and honestly I really haven't felt like I have had anything of importance to write about.  Life has been hard lately. Though, I finally realized the other day that I write this blog because it is my journal about my life and the latest happenings with the Farish Fam... the good, the bad and the indifferent... so, I feel like I need to write where I am in life right now so I can look back and see that God was faithful.

Lately, More days than none, I have felt less than confidant and defeated. Let me start explaining...

Since March, I have been looking for a job in my career field (Child Development) here in San Antonio.  Because of some unforeseen circumstances in the Education system here in San Antonio, I thought it would be best to spread my wings and look for my big girl job and really start my career.  In my mind this seemed like it would not be a hard obstacle to accomplish.  Well, let me tell you something... trying to find a job is not easy and extremely discouraging.  Since March, I have applied to over 45 jobs... no lie.  I have applied to everything from part time to full time to everything in between.  I have applied for things that I am qualified for and things that I thought - "hmm I may get it.... by a long shot, but there is no harm in applying!" For many of these jobs I have received no feedback - which is extremely frustrating in and of itself.  Though, for some of the jobs I have received emails back saying I am overqualified (something I thought an employer would never tell me) and they appreciated my time - please tell me how in the world you are overqualified for a job!? -- The one question I keep asking myself over and over. If you can't tell - I am frus.tra.ted.  Any-who... I digress... so I have continued applying to jobs because I feel like I need something to do so that I can contribute to the Farish Fam (because let's be honest if I do not have a job, what in the world am I going to do with all the extra time....). and the more I apply, the more frustrated I get.  If I could just get an interview, I feel like people could see the real me, because honestly paper does not do me justice. I just need one interview to give me some hope and boost my self esteem... everyone keeps telling me you just need ONE person to say "Yes" - well I need that ONE person.

Through this all, I have found myself in a season of uncharted territory.  I have never been here before and it is scary.  and very hard.  I have found myself doubting myself, doubting my major (which I love) and honestly doubting if I am good enough.  It is hard to put yourself out there and apply for everything under the sun and get nothing in return.  I am tired of applying.  I am tired of worrying.  But more than anything, I am tired of wondering what is next. I want OUT of this season, but I know God is not ready for me to be done, and that sucks more than ever; I have never cried as much as I have since my job ended at the beginning of June. I am worried. and I want to stop worrying and feel the peace (which I have caught glimpses of) from God that surpasses all things and I am not there yet, so I have to keep going and learning through this season... and believe me it is not fun and much more harder than I ever expected.

Throughout this journey, many people have told me to consider applying to grad school or going back and finishing my nursing degree ... Lets be honest. I have thought about those 2 things a lot and have prayed. and prayed. and then prayed some more. at all hours of the day.  and this is what I have come up with---  Reagan and I feel like grad school is a big commitment and a counseling degree takes ALOT of time to accomplish, and right now we feel like that is a NO and honestly I am ok with that.  There is a lot we have planned for the next 3 years and sitting in a classroom 4 out of 5 nights a week just does not seem worth it.  I may be wrong and God may show me that, but right now I feel confident with my answer being "No."  Nursing school.. oh Lord where do I even begin.  Over the last year, I have applied to so many schools to finish what I originally started at TCU and so many schools have told me my credits are not good enough.... I am being dead serious with you... my TCU credits are not good enough. Say What?! OH and as of Today, I am still waiting on a couple schools to get back to me and let me know if I can apply, when the deadlines are, and how long it will take for me to complete the program.... but honestly I am getting worn out.   I just need there to be a light at the end of the tunnel in this department...a yes or a no.  Because every time I feel like I am done, there is a little tug at my heart to keep trying, to keep researching, and a little glimpse of hope that maybe someone will say "Yes."

As I sit here today, I am not really sure what I should do or what is next. I feel like that one sentence describes the story of my life.  Oh and I have turned into a weeping willow who is on her knees constantly in prayer because I have never felt so jumbled up inside.  I feel broken, and I just want someone to say "Yes."  "Yes" to a job or going back to school.  Though, more than anything I want to feel a tug in my heart from God saying this is the plan He has for me, and I want to be able to push forward and leave fear behind and just do it.  Because I know this is His best for me.  But I haven't felt or heard anything from Him other than to keep praying in the season and that scares me more than anything.

I am scared and so unsure of where this journey is going to take me.  Though from life tests before, I have learned that when I am in spiritual valleys God is molding me into who I need to be for the next season of life.   As much as I get that I just want to be out of this valley... and see the plan but right now I can't. and it stinks.  So I am holding onto the promise that God is faithful and that He has the very best in-store for me, even when I may not be able to see the next steps ahead that I need to take.

Through tears and a heavy heart, in this season I am praying for direction. for peace. for patience. understanding. and the ability to experience love from my Father like I have never felt before.   Don't get me wrong... I am scared. worried. angry. and a whole lot of other emotions but I know that God only wants what is best for me, so I have to keep clinging to the hope that the Best is still yet to come. 

This is my heart. and my world. right now. and as crazy and vulnerable as it all may seem, I need prayer.  Prayer to make it through this season and prayer to know that even though I feel so alone and worried (every sec of some days), that God is there with me always paving the way for something far better than I ever imagined.

Thank you all for loving me through the good and the bad and the crazy vulnerable days.... I love you all more than you may know.

Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots of Love for this Little Girl

So for many weeks now our hearts have been heavy, but in all things we have been turning to God in prayer because He knows our hearts deepest desires. A couple of weeks ago, our sweet friends, Kyle and Kacee had a precious baby girl - Landry Kate.  To say the least, life thus far has not been easy for this lil punkin' but she is a fighter, and she is needing lots of prayers on her road to healing and recovering in the NICU.  Reagan and I ask that you pray with us for Kyle, Kacee, and Landry Kate so that they can feel God's presence more than ever right now. We have learned in many things that the power of prayer is an amazing thing and the peace it brings is unexplainable.  Kyle and Kacee have started a blog so that friends and family can know how best to pray for their sweet girl.  Their blog is so beautifully written, and the love they have for Jesus and the strength they have experienced through it all is such a beautiful thing.  More times than none, we are amazed by the strength of our friends and so grateful to have them in our lives... we are better because of them.  We thank you all for praying for our sweet friends and their precious girl - prayer is what is carrying them through.

To read more about sweet Landry Kate you can follow their blog - www.thedahlbergdaily.blogspot.com

Philippians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." 

FaVoRiTe ThInGs!

10 things I Love:

10) Working out- it's a love/ hate relationship

9) Laying out- my burn eventually turns a nice shade of tan :)

8) Laundry - or I used to.... it seems to be consuming too much of my time lately

7) Walks with the pup

6) Blaring music in the car - yes I am that girl!

5) Cooking.  I just love good food!

4) Sleeping in late - oh summer how I LOVE you

3) Yogurt dates/cooking dates with friends

2) Dinners with family

1) Date nights with the hubby - movies and dinners are always the best :)

Happy Thursday friends!  Friday is almost here!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Have you ever...

Have you ever...

Just been so tired that you are too tired to fall asleep??  That is where I am at today... so tired and needing sleep but my body just can't seem to relax and wind-down! I tried taking a nap after work and it just didn't work. By bedtime tonight I know I will have the best sleep I have had in a while!

Got in your car, rolled the windows down, and blasted the music so loud that you are pretty sure other people could hear you sing along to your tunes at the top of your lungs?! That was me... TODAY.  After school the weather was perfect and it was just the right time for a jam fest all the way home!

Wanted to sit and watch movies all day and eat a small pint of your favorite ice cream?!  I am planning on doing that one day this summer- my sweet friends a girls movie night with lots of junk food sounds so wonderful right about.... NOW!

Wondered what your life will be like in the next 5, 10, 15 years... I do all the time! I just can't wait for the things God has in-store!

Truly stopped - not paused for a brief second, but genuinely stopped whatever you were doing in your day, and gave full focus and attention to God and THANKED Him for the blessings you had been given in that day?  Today my quiet time really caused me to stop. reflect. and just be immensely grateful for all God has done.  I know I take for granted all the wonderful blessings one too many times- so today I committed myself to making time each day to just 100% whole heartedly STOPPING whatever in the world I am doing that is so not important and Thank God... because too many times I come with prayers which God loves oh so much, but I forget to be thankful in the midst of everyday life.

Just random thoughts for the day friends! I hope you enjoyed having a little peek as to what goes through my mind and happens in my life on a NoRmAl DaY!

Love y'all,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Livin' the good life

My sweet friends.... summer is almost here!!!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice!!!!!  Just 2 more days of sweet little children and I am DONE! WOW! Time has flown.  I cannot believe another school year is coming to an end.  I will be DONE.  It almost doesn't seem real.  Especially since this chapter of my life is over... for now.  Not sure what my next endeavor will be, but as of right now I will not be working for the school district next year.  Scary. I know in my heart it is time for me to branch out in my career, but if you have ever met me or know me - I like my routine and schedules are my best friend.  I like being comfortable.  Going out on a limb is not my slice of pie.  Though, I feel like God is pushing me.  Pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Stretching my faith.  It is scary friends.  Being in the middle of the road and not knowing what next step I am taking.  I am scared, petrified, Anxious and Vulnerable.  It is hard to put yourself out there and keep applying to jobs when you have heard back from NO ONE.  Many days I have doubted my decision of taking a step away from the school district and furthering my career.  Though, the gentle reminders come from sweet words from the hubby, verses sent by friends and prayers spoken over me that I know I am right where God needs me to be right now.  Even though this is really scary and testing in so many ways, I know I need to be obedient because I am finding that in the times of discomfort God is growing me in ways that could not have happened in my comfort zone. Some days my faith in this whole process is so strong and other days I feel like I cannot take another step, but in the end I am relying on God to know just what I need for this next season of life.  So here is to the next step... whatever that may be!  Though, for now I am livin' the good life.  I have had an incredible year with my students, I have a husband who loves me beyond measure, a family who is spurring me on, and friends who are lifting me up in prayer... what more do I need?!  So for now I am going to finish strong and then enjoy a little break... by the pool! :) I hope everyone has had a great start to their summer.  Here is to new adventures!

Much love,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The little things.

Tonight my heart is full.  Full of happiness in the little things.  Tonight I got to do something I love with people I love.  I was able to serve the children and families of the Ronald McDonald house with my couples bible study group.  Because of that hour and half I spent with the families there I am a better person.  In that one hour they showed me what it means to be truly grateful, and because of that  I am more grateful and am truly thankful to God for placing in my heart a love for non-profit organizations.  I have always loved them and I hope I always keep igniting that passion in my heart to reach out and help those in need.  Because they need people like us to love on them, but more than anything they need a smile that reflects the love of Jesus and I truly hope I was that for one of those sweet babies tonight.  When we left from serving them dinner it was not about all the smiles and the repeated "thank you's" we received, it was the smile and twinkle in that little boy's eyes when he saw that we had made tacos and then the mischievous lil grin he gave me when he came back for a third taco.  It was the look of relief on a mother's face that some sweet people she did not even know had cooked her a meal that was not spaghetti for the third time this week.  It was the gratefulness behind a mother's eyes when she saw the look on her daughter's face as she dived into the fresh strawberries.  It honestly was those little things that imprinted my heart tonight and caused me to feel an unmeasurable amount of love.  Our group went tonight in hopes to show them God's love and to encourage them and I personally walked away with more love in my heart than when I came in.  I pray that starting this week, I remember to stop and be grateful for the little things in life... there is so much that I overlook in the everyday mundane life and I want to remember that if I stop to reflect on the little things that I will feel and see the handprints of God even more clearly.

So allow yourself to stop and be grateful for the little things- it just might change the outcome of your day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My best friend

Every day I have the pleasure of celebrating my mom and all that she means to me. I cannot even express how grateful I am to be back in San Antonio living right around the corner with my best friend. She gets me... She always has and always will. She is my confidant, my listener, my shopping buddy, my prayer warrior, the one I vent to, the one who always has my back, and the one who will always love and take care of me with her whole heart.

Last night was our time to spend with my mom for Mother's Day and when I reached her house I was feeling so crummy. I curled up in my moms arms and she played with my hair and loved on me. As the night went on I got to feeling worse and instead of her worrying about being celebrated she was right by my side while the hubs was picking up my prescriptions. She is so selfless and loving and honestly I aspire to be a mom like her someday.

Mom, I love you so much. Thank you for always taking care of me, loving me with your whole heart, and always being my person. Without you, I don't know who I would be. I love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


As I sit here tonight I am mentally and emotionally tired.  My heart is heavy for people I love and my eyes can barely stay open... sad reality- it is only 6pm. This past week has been a blur for me and this week has drug on and on and on.  Words cannot even express how grateful I am for it to be Friday tomorrow.  I know my body is tired and needs a break... I slept through all 5 of my alarms this morning - that never happens and I am never late.  I wanted to feel sorry for being late but I know my body needed sleep and quite honestly I am just ready for the school year to be over.  It has been a year- a year of growth and overcoming obstacles and meeting lots of great people, but it has definitely been a year in and of itself.

I am just worn. worn out and tired of the everyday stuff.  I need a break. Summer will be good for me... a nice time of recharge.  Scary reality is, I am not sure what the next chapter holds or what job waits for me on the other side. I know my time with the school district for now is done, but the scary this is... what is next?!  I know God will provide, but honestly I think way down deep and hidden in the back of my mind I am worrying.  Worrying how God will provide, worrying about what is next, worrying that I won't be good at my new job- whatever it may be. To be quite honest, I think all this worrying I am doing is making me even more worn out at the end of the day.  Even though I think I am not thinking about it and worrying about it, I know that I am... and it is just purely exhausting. Does that make sense?!

Tonight I am willing myself to relax, and allow my mind to truly take a break. I really need to let myself relax or I may not make it to the end of the year... I have never been this tired and I have 4 more weeks left.  I can do this.

Lord, give me the strength because my body is tired and I am worn.  I need your Spirit to fill me so that I can find joy even in the days that seem so tedious.  Help me to remember that you are always in control and have so many wonderful things planned for me that there is no reason I should allow worry to consume me.  Fill me with your love and help me to walk in your loving grace daily.  Amen.

So, if you find yourself worn tonight like I am - just give it to God and know I am praying for you all because being in this place is exhausting and sometimes discourage but just know that God will take care of all things in His perfect timing.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This is me.

So a friend of mine did a post titled, "This is me" a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! So, I am using her post as a template for mine today.  Honestly, go and read Tanna's blog - http://tcpreciousmoments.blogspot.com - her post was so raw and real and fun I just loved it.  Every day when I read her blog it makes me want to be a better wife, friend, Christian and mom (someday).  I just love her and miss not living close by anymore so I can soak up all her wisdom!  Ok enough about my sweet friend.  Anywho... After I read her "This is me" post,  I knew it was something I wanted to do on my blog so that I could look back and remember where I was at this point in life, and I just wanted to be real on my blog so that you all could see the real me. So here ya go - this is me...

My favorite color has always been pink and black, but when I went to TCU I fell in love with the color purple.
I met the love of my life when I was a junior in high school.
I have always had dogs my whole life, and absolutely hate cats- being allergic to them doesn't help either ;)
My favorite thing to wear is long comfy dresses or comfy workout clothes... I just love to be comfortable.
I absolutely love to sleep.  I can go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 10am... my body needs lots and lots of sleep- kinda worried about what will happen when we have kids and sleep is nothing but a memory!
I can usually lay down in bed and within 5 minutes I am asleep... I pray for those who struggle with insomnia... I would be miserable if that was my life.
I can easily entertain myself- give me a good book or recorded tv shows and I am good for hours.
I have a relationship with God and could not imagine what my life would be like without Him.  In this stage of life I am really taking to heart what grace is-- probably one of the most incredible gifts I have been given.
I love water... I drink probably 8 or more cups a day.  I hate soda... have never liked it.  The only thing I can stomach is ginger ale when I am sick.
Coffee-- yuck.  The smell is great... but the taste- not so much.  I would rather have tea with a splash of lemonade if I need some caffeine!
I love talking about our future family with Reagan... it gives me butterflies.  I cannot wait to have little ones to cuddle!!
My radio is usually set to KLOVE or Country music is blasting with the sunroof open.
The last time I cried was a couple nights ago.
If you looked at my nightstand right now you would find... an ipad, a bottle of water, the Jesus Calling Devotional, my cell phone and lotion.

I would much rather be hot than freezing cold.  Though my perfect day would be not too hot not too cold with the wind just slightly blowing... Texas seems to throw me those perfect days every once in a while.
I love to snuggle and just be close to Reagan... I get really lonely when he is gone on business trips.
I love to do group classes at the gym- it just helps me get in the groove and be more motivated... Cardio Kickbox and Step are two of my favorites!
I love shoes, and purses, and clothes.  Shopping is my thing and I love to do it with my Momma.
If you were to ask me to dinner and I had to pick I would probably pick Italian or Mexican... I love both so so much!
The one thing that I do that drives Reagan crazy is I worry all the time.  I am praying daily for God to help me with this... such a tough one! I am definitely making an effort to work on it.
I could not just pick one best friend... I have some amazing ladies in my life and I would not be who I am without them.
I struggle with trusting others at times because of things I have been through.  Though, I will love hard and it kills me to be hurt by those I love and care about so much.
I love worship music.  I feel most alive when worship music is playing- it is just me and God.
One chore I hate the most- cleaning the bathroom... I try to convince Reagan to do it every time we clean, but he hates it just as much as I do!
I hate to fight and I dread conflict. It makes me nervous - and because of it I apologize for anything and everything.
I have a really hard time with going to bed angry- I want to work things out before we go to sleep because life is just too short to go to bed angry at the ones you love.
Things that cause me anxiety: the dentist (and my mom is a dental hygienist), losing people I love, never being able to have kids, and conflict!
I sleep without socks on- my mom sleeps with socks on and I find that so weird!

I love frozen yogurt.  I could honestly eat it every day.  I like it plain or with lots of fruit and nuts.  I honestly work out so I can indulge in that sweet treat.
I have never run a marathon and really have no desire to ever run one.  The closest I will get to a marathon is probably cheering Reagan on at the finish line when he finally does one.
I have only lived in Texas, but people say that I talk like I am from Minnesota... don't know where that comes from!
I love a good taco salad, fajitas, pasta loaded with veggies and chicken, or my dad's hamburgers.
You will never see me eat crawfish... I hate the way they look, smell and taste.
I believe in spanking for certain things... but a "thinking chair" will also be something we have in our house when we have kids.
I love to swim- I miss my swim team days a lot and really wish I would have swam in college.
I wish I could take a nap every day after lunch.  Just 30 mins and I would be so much more productive the rest of my day.
My mom is my person.  I do not know what I would do without her. She knows pretty much everything about me and just gets me.
I write everything down.  Without my planner I would be lost!
I do not watch tons of TV, but when I do these are the shows I love: Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, Modern Family, Revenge, Shark Tank, and The Voice.
I enjoy blogging but I feel like my life is not super exciting so I do not have much to blog about.  I feel like once we start having kids I will have a lot more memories to post for friends and family to see!

I love to read.  Give me a great book and I could probably finish it in one day!
I love peanut butter on toast... jelly not so much.  But if I do have some jelly I want it to be kinda tart.
Pregnancy scares me... I have so many friends that cannot get pregnant and I pray each day that God will bless us with children and I will not have a hard time conceiving.
I am very OCD... I like to have my house clean and in order.  Reagan is learning as the years go by that I am a much happier person if our house is clean! HA!
I have a hard time judging others- I always tell myself when I start to judge that I never know what their life is like and I need to try to love them like God does.
My marriage is something I treasure so much.  We have been through a lot the past years that has caused us to give our marriage to God completely. I know there is always room for improvement and we strive towards that daily... by no means are we perfect.
I love to sing but hate singing in front of other people.  Though, there are times in church when the Holy Spirit moves within and my friends next to me will hear my voice and tell me I need to sing loud more often!
I love bubble baths but never have time to take them.  I always end up taking a shower so that I can get in and out quick because I love my comfy pjs and bed!
I have no tattoos.  Somedays I say I want one- but I really think I am too chicken to get one... they are just so permanent and I am so OCD I would probably want it off the next day!
My biggest fear is that something will happen to Reagan or my parents- I do not know what I would do without them.
Bananas, milk, greek yogurt, chicken, mushrooms, watermelon (when in season), and peanut butter are always on my grocery list when I go to the store.
I love to cook and make up my own recipes.  I love cooking even more with my husband- it just makes it more fun.
My natural hair color is dirty blonde. Highlights are my best friend.
My eyes are blue and Reagan's are blue green- our kids are going to have beautiful eye colors!

I always have lil bruises or cuts on my legs... who knows where in the world they come from?!
I love giving gifts to people - the looks on their faces is what I love the most.
I can count on one hand the times I have laid in a tanning bed.  Ever since my mom was diagnosed with melanoma I am scared to death of them.  So I fake tan with tanning lotion... oops the secret is out!
Some of my closest friends are those I have from college... cannot imagine life without them. Even though we all live far away, each time we talk we pick up right where we left off and I just love that.
I do not like flying on planes but I would love to travel more- there are so many places and memories I want to make with Reagan and friends before we have kids.
My dream job would be working for Make-A-Wish Foundation.... I love how kids lives can be changed in an instant with just one wish coming true.
I have known Reagan since I was a junior in high school.  We dated almost 6 years before we got married.  He is truly my soul mate and other half.  I without a doubt believe you can fall in love in high school.
One thing I want the most in life- to be a mom.
My favorite season is summer - lots of time to make memories with friends and family!
I would be more transparent on my blog if I knew there were not people in this world that make comments without wondering how it would make someone else feel.
Speaking of the blog, I need to be better about posting.  I want to be able to look back and remember life when it was just me, Reagan and sweet Lyla girl.
The hardest thing for me to take is when I know I have disappointed someone... I try so hard to do my best and I hate to let others down.
I love to speed and cannot stand people who drive slow -- at least drive the speed limit! I have never gotten a ticket... knock on wood ;)
When I give birth I want to have a photographer capture those special moments.  I have friends who have done that and the pictures are absolutely incredible.
When I was little I could play dolls forever - I guess being a mom has been something I have always wanted even as a little girl.
I love the names... Reese, Remington, Ryder and Ryland for a boy.  For a girl, I love- Arden, Adley, Ainsley, Adaleigh, Rowan, and Raleigh. Reagan is not so fond of some of my favorites... it will be interesting to see what our kids names end up being one day.  Oh and if you can't tell, I have this weird obsession with A and R names since our initials are A and R... OCD -- maybe just a little!!!!

This is me... I love the Lord, I love my husband, I would do anything for my friends and family, and I cannot wait to see the plans God has in store for us!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Love!

Today my hubby officially turned 25 years old.  He woke up this morning saying he felt super old! Haha... all I could say was that 25 looked good on him! This is the 8th birthday that I have been blessed with to spend with him and I am looking forward to many more birthday's!

Instead of just one day to celebrate, we have done a birthday week... talk about a special man!

On Sunday night, his momma spoiled him with a steak dinner and a french silk pie- to say the least he was in heaven!

On Wednesday, I threw a surprise birthday dinner for him with the help of sweet friends! He was definitely surprised... thank goodness I pulled that one off :)

My birthday man- Surprise Birthday Dinner
Sweet Friends who helped us celebrate Reagan!
So blessed to have these sweet friends in my life- thank you for helping me surprise the hubby! 

Today (his actual birthday), we started the morning off with presents, breakfast, a little putt putt, jamba juice, and tonight we will be having his favorite meal... steak yet again- this man could live on steak and baked potatoes! 
So excited that he got the YETI cooler he has been wanting for quite some time! 
Headed to his birthday breakfast!

Only in South Texas- you can get a beer with your steak breakfast burrito! :) 

A lil game of putt putt on this gorgeous day! 

Multi- tasking: talking to his momma and putting

Who is gonna win?! Reagan- green/ Ashley- lime green

That would be a HOLE IN ONE for ASHLEY! Sorry birthday boy! 

Ending his birthday outing with a yummy treat... Jamba Juice- our favorite :) 

To end the birthday week, we will be celebrating with his dad tomorrow night - TEX-MEX-  YUMMO!

All I can say is there are a lot of people who love my sweet hubby... so grateful for the friends and family we have to celebrate and love on him!

I am so in love with this sweet man and I am so blessed to get to spend special moments like this with him!

Much love,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

When I grow up...

When I was a little girl, I can remember people always asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Most days my answer was, "I want to be a doctor."  Other days, I would say that I wanted to be a "Mommy and a Doctor"... so ambitious at such a young age! Though, I remember that every time someone asked me what I wanted to be, I would always say that I wanted to help people.  My heart has always been so big to serve and love on others... especially children- my heart explodes for them.

So, life went on, and I worked hard in school to get good grades so that I could get into a good college.  When the time came for me to leave home and go to school, I embraced TCU with open arms and was excited for that next chapter of my life as a nursing student. As a nursing student I knew I could fulfill my dream of helping people.  I was excited for the journey, but was not ready for all the unexpected bumps in the road that I would face.  My junior year of college came, and too many circumstances caused me to have to take a semester break from school and get my life back to where it needed to be.  At this time, I prayed more than ever and I just really felt like God was saying to me that nursing school was not for me at this time and that I needed to go and pursue my degree in child development and finish at TCU.  Once I healed and got strong again and headed back in the spring. I was so excited for my child development courses and what God was going to show me through this major.  In the four walls of those classrooms, I felt alive.   I loved learning about all things children and could not wait for the next semester and classes.  When I walked across the stage in May 2011, I was proud of my degree and who I had become and I was ready to work and help children.

Though, God had a different plan for me after I graduated and I ended up landing a job in the education system in San Antonio, Texas.  I was really sad to be moving away from Fort Worth and all my dreams jobs that were there, but I clung to the hope that God had a plan far better than I could understand.  As I sit here today, I am thinking about my time in the education system and how it has changed me and my views. I feel like I have helped people  along this journey, but have not made the difference God has called me to make. Each day, I feel like I am searching for more... but I am not quite sure what that more is or what it even looks like.

More times than none, I think about all the things I could be doing and the things I would love to accomplish.  I still have a heart to serve children but I am still wanting more.
There are many days that I pray about a direction and career for my life and I feel like God is calling me to go and finish the last semesters I have left in nursing school.  There are also days that my heart explodes when I am talking with kids and families and a light bulb turns on and I can see myself doing counseling and/or social work and I am alive.  There are also more days than none, that when I hold  sweet babies that makes me want nothing more than to be a mom.  I also have those days, when I search the Internet looking for the perfect job with a children's organization or non-profit because I have a love for that too. Through all these moments, when I hit the pillow at night, I ask God to give me a career that sparks my passion for Him.

As I sit here today, I have this feeling deep in my heart that in this next season of life I have to choose.  I have to make a choice to go back and be a nurse, to go and get my counseling degree, to go and be the best mommy I can be, or to go and work for an organization and give it all I have got.  With this choice comes so much fear - fear of failure, the unknown, what others will say or think about my decision, and if I have really heard God right and the calling He has for my life.  I do not want to have a spirit of fear, so that is why each waking moment I am giving this to God.  I feel I have so many big choices to make, and I do not want to make the wrong one.  Though, I know that God has not brought me to this season for no reason- there is a plan and a purpose for my life.  I have to continue taking it one step at a time and sooner or later I will see the magnificence of His plan for me.

At the end of the day, the one thing I know I want to do is help other people and love on them to the fullest.  Whether that be helping someone feel better physically or emotionally or helping my child when they cry out in the middle of the night... all I want to do is help others and give this love deep within my heart to those around me.  God has put me here for a purpose, and sooner than later I will find out why.

So, when I grow up, I want to be doing exactly what God has for me.  Here is to praying for clear direction and the ability to sit still and listen to what God has for me in the midst of this chaotic season. 

I would so appreciate prayers for this season of life.  I know God is going to do big things, and I cannot wait to see what He has in store.

With love,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coalition Blowout 2013!

Every year there is a big oil and gas party to help raise money for scholarships for kids.  Last night was the annual party and it was such a blast!  This year, the party raised more money than it ever has for scholarships!! YAHOO!  Last night was filled with: lots of laughter, good food, lots of dancing, and sweet friends! After last nights festivities, I can definitely say I am sore from all the dancing I did.  One of our sweet family friends showed me how to country dance for "real"... flips, turns and all.  It was an absolute blast, and once I loosened up I was a dancing machine!   Last night was fun, and it was awesome to see everyone in the oil field come together for a greater cause! Thankful for all the fun we had and all the laughs we had throughout the night! Definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday evening :)

Happy Sunday! I am off the enjoy the lovely Texas weather! 


Monday, January 28, 2013

Grace & Unconditional Love

God's grace.  It has been on my mind for days. His Grace and His love..  leave me speechless. He cares that much and wants me to draw nearer to Him more and more each day so that my faith can grow even more in Him, and so that I can grasp a better understanding of the undeniable truth of my Father's love. Without a doubt, I serve a mighty God.  A God who loves me through the good and bad times. He is always there for me.  When I have no words, He knows my heart.  When I fall, He picks me up.  When I am weak, He is strong.  My God is all I ever need.  Yet, I find myself failing and trying to find fulfillment in things of this world... but it is all fleeting and will never fill my heart like Him and His word does... so why do I search?! Why do any of us search??  There is nothing in this world that can fulfill me like He does, so why do I continually look to earthly things to fill me up?!  I then have to remind myself that God knew my nature would be to search, and to fall and to make the wrong choices.  But even through all of that, He still loves me when I fall on my face before His thrown and cry out to Him.  So I must wait.  I must give my undivided attention to my heavenly father, so that in the weak moments I can feel His amazing presence carrying me through the storm, and in the strong moments I can know without a shadow of doubt that He is there walking step for step with me. Through every season of life, my God loves me the same and is always waiting for me with open arms.  Seriously, that gives me the chills.  So tonight, my heart is filled with love and praise for my God.  I feel grateful to be able to serve Him so freely and to be able to come to Him with even the littlest of things.  God's grace is something I may never fully understand, but I am so grateful that He pours it out to me daily and that His love is never ending.. what a gracious and loving God I serve... and for that my heart can only be happy and sing praises to my sweet Lord who is coming back one day.  So for now, I will shout praises to my heavenly Father and patiently wait here for Him.

Oh and this amazing song has been on my heart for days... absolutely love it. Just press the link and listen... it is just what I have needed for days on end! Just sit and let the words wash over you... absolutely beautiful and brings me to tears each time. 
Ephesians 2:8-9 --"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Little Things

We love...

our little pup and all the cuddles she gives.
being able to make breakfast together while singing slightly off- key.
getting to worship God together as a body of Christ.
cuddling with one another... the trips seem to be happening more and more... this is what happens with new jobs... I must remind myself- this is just for a season.
good books.
movies that make you think.
good laughs.
good food.
wonderful friendships.
a place to call our own.
serving a God who loves us thru all the imperfections.

TOday I am just happy to be alive and apart of God's story.  Life really is a beautiful thing.

I sure do miss all of you and promise to be back soon to document all the happenings in the Farish household!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend -- filled with rest, laughter and lots of friends.

Love to all,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Another year is here.  Wow... where has the time gone?!  2012 seemed like such a blur it went by so fast!  For us, 2012 was a year filled with: struggles, triumphs, tears, laughter, accomplishments, love and lots of family and friends. Looking back over the year I am grateful for all that has happened and all that we have learned.  Though, I am looking forward to 2013 and all that God has in store for us!

Here is a little recap of our year:

I completed my first year working for a school district.

Reagan's spark and passion for his job in the oil field doing sales continues to grow more each day.  It is so great to see my man so happy and loving the people he is working with!

I was accepted into a practicum program at Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital working with sick children and learning about child life therapy.  Definitely a summer that changed my perspective and brought to focus my true passions.

Reagan and I bought a house.  We love our home and all the memories that have already been made in our sweet space!

Reagan and I got our sweet pup... Lyla girl.  Our family would not be the same without her.

We met two wonderful couples who are becoming some of our very best friends... Love all the laughter they have brought us!

We spent a lot of time learning how to love each other this year.  With all our family being back in San Antonio, we are learning how to not only spend one on one time with each other but how to also give our love to all our family that is now close by.

As I read back over my post, I know this is not all that happened in 2012, but just some sweet highlights of this last year that stick out to me when I think back over the year! I am very blessed with all that God has given us this past year but I cannot wait to see what God has in store for 2013 and all the memories that will be made.

I hope every one has had a wonderful start to their New Year! Cheers to 2013 and all that is to come!!